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July 31, 2018
Uber’s Self Driven Trucks!

Uber has announced they will stop developing self-driving trucks to focus more importantly on cars!

The programme started in 2016 in San Fransisco, and a ride-hailing firm marked the worlds first commercial shipment delivered by a self-driven truck! Driving 120 miles along a highway with a truck full of Budweiser beer.

According to Uber, the idea of this was to improve the safety of the trucking industry.

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Safe driving, from Britannia.


July 27, 2018
Re-Think! Can You See?

A recent DVLA survey is urging UK drivers to test their eyesight. You might not be aware of the minimum standards needed for a licence.

You must be able to read a number plate from 20m away! Can you? Use our free eye test stimulator.

If you are a learner driver you have to pass the eye test as part of the practical exam, and then legally you have to ensure your eyesight is good enough.

Safe driving, from Britannia!


July 26, 2018
The First Female Taxi Driver – Pakistan

Good news! Zahida Kazmi has been given the proud honour of being the first female taxi driver in Pakistan. She has driven more than ever recently and is getting so much support.

“I saw her and the first thought that came to my mind was that she’s my mother’s age. I liked her driving and in these days where one feels insecure in Pakistan I felt very relaxed” – Passenger

Thinking of learning how to drive? Or, becoming a taxi driver yourself? Start with us, we are here to help you.

Safe driving, from Britannia!



July 25, 2018
Thinking of Driving in France? Think Again!

New research has shown that drivers could be at risk of being not only on the wrong side of the road, but on the wrong side of the law. So, when you pass your test, you will be ready.

Millions of British motorists need to ensure if you are driving on the correct side in France, with a ‘Crit’Air Sticker’.

They are £3.60, including postage, so there is no excuse!

Make sure you are up-to-date on the latest driving news to keep you on the road

Safe driving, from Britannia!


July 24, 2018
U-Turns? Where Can I Do Them?

A man in Bradford has been arrested recently when he performed a U-turn during a police chase, to drive the wrong way up the slip road on a busy street.

Not sure on when you are allowed to turn? Read our advice:

Look out for signs! If you see the sign below you can’t do a U-turn.

Image result for u turn sign

Be aware as if you are caught, you will be issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN), three penalty points on your licence and a £60 fine.

Before making a U-turn, always ask yourself:

Is it safe to perform the manoeuvre?

Is it legal?

Will I inconvenience other road users or pedestrians?

Can I see clearly or should I pull up on the left initially?

Are there any cyclists or motorcycles that are difficult to see?

Is the road wide enough to perform the U-turn safely?

Safe driving, from Britannia!


July 23, 2018
Are There Flaws In Self-Driving Cars?

You may think if your car was self-driven, it would be great! We’ve thought of some possible disadvantages to why it wouldn’t be such a good idea…

  • Who is guilty? If the car crashes, no one will be guilty. Insurance companies will lose out big time as who should compensate?
  • The price! Self-driving cars would probably cost more than 100,000. Who can afford that? Our lessons are much less!
  • Jobless Drivers – Many taxi drivers, truck drivers will become without a job as autonomous vehicles will take over
  • Security issues – Somebody may hack into your car system and take control of the operations

And most of all, who would teach you all? At Britannia, we take pride in teaching our learners and want to do it forever.

Read our show me tell me questions for advice.

Safe driving, from Britannia!


July 20, 2018
50 Year Old Self-Driving Car?

You’ve all heard about the new self-driving cars, but have you heard of a 50-year-old?

At the Festival of Speed in Goodwood, this car has made it as the first to make it around the race circuit.

The car is an American Roadstar, more than fifty years old!

Contact us with any questions you have.


Safe driving, from Britannia!


July 19, 2018
Don’t Waste £100,000’s

More than 5,000 provisional drivers are failing their driving test.

Because their car doesn’t meet the basic requirements.

Loosing out on the minimum £62 fee that you paid for your test isn’t the best news.

If you’re taking your driving test in your own car, make sure you’ve read all the rules before you end up wasting your time and money. Need advice? Contact us, we are here to help.

Safe driving, from Britannia!


July 18, 2018
Bay parking top tips! (Part 2)

Once you have prepared the vehicle and observed your surroundings making sure that it is safe to move. Make you also remember the 3 skills that were spoken about in the previous post.

A first key tip is to position yourself correctly so that any reference points you have will line up, as when you are taught each instructor may have a key way to find references for you so that you are able to parallel perfectly everytime.

The next key tip is fast steering but a slow and steady car, this means you will slow the car down as you will be full locking the steering wheel, this is best done when the vehicle is at a slow speed. This is so that you are aware that you are in full control, this is also safe there may be vehicles close by or parked near. Also moving at a slower speed will allow you to better observe your surroundings and keep in line with your reference points.

Observation is a key tip in the reversing of the car into the bay, so the speed must again remain slow paced, this is so that you can best observe all around the car ensuring that there are no pedestrians are cars approaching. This is why a slow speed to best as you will be observing whether you are in your lines and that it is safe and there are no people nearby.

Safe driving from Britannia!