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October 30, 2018
Recent Reviews!

A massive thank you to Kieran at Britannia driving schools for helping me to pass my test, I really couldn’t have done it without you and will be most defiantly recommending you to everyone I know!
You were patient, kind and professional and filled me with confidence every step of the way!
Thank you so so much again!!

  • Llisha Boardman – Kingston upon Thames (23rd October 2018)

I would like to say a massive thank you to Andrew for being so very patient with me. I started learning to drive with Britannia and Andrew May 2017 but it was not consistent at all due to work pressure on my side. Jan this year I decided that I really needed to get this done as soon as possible. Andrew was so patient with me all this time and understood that I was busy with work and tried and accommodated me whenever he could. I was really upset when I did not pass at my 1st attempt but with a few more lessons I was much calmer and confident and pass on my 2nd attempt. Thank you so much, Andrew, on helping me get through this life hurdle. 🙂

  • Fanchon Da Costa – Surbiton, Surrey (18th October 2018)

Thank you

Safe driving, from Britannia!



October 29, 2018
Let’s Get Ready for Winter!

Get your car ready for winter.

We recommend that you regularly check the condition of your cars tyres condition and pressure. Ensure that they have plenty of tread; you can do this with a 20p coin, hold the coin in the tread and as long as the rubber comes above the border around the coin, your car’s tyres are legal.

You don’t want to get stuck in the middle of nowhere because of a flat battery, so it’s worth taking your car into a garage to have its battery tested. Make sure the battery is in good condition and fully charged.

If you’re worried about your car condition, speak to us or contact your nearest garage and get some advice!

Safe driving, from Britannia!


October 25, 2018
Teen Crashes 3 Months After Passing Test!

A careless driver smashed into a tree just months after passing his test, as he took his friends for a drive, late at night.

The car crashed into a tree, causing one of the passengers to suffer a broken leg.

Bowen Whitcomb leaves North Tyneside Magistrates Court in North Shields

And after, he admitted driving without any care and attention in court, he was told he could have killed his friends.

Don’t do what this young man did. At Britannia, we take our learners very seriously and want every lesson to stick in your head.

Safe driving, from Britannia!


October 24, 2018
Potholes: Breaking Down

The proportion of RAC pothole breakdowns is still at the second highest level since 2006.

The state of local roads is now drivers’ top motoring concern according to the RAC Report on Motoring 2018. In the last year, the RAC dealt with 14,220 breakdowns where the overwhelming likelihood was that they were caused by potholes – this represents 1.5% of all its call-outs during this period.

Keep a lookout on the road!


Safe driving, from Britannia!


October 22, 2018
Our Future of Parking!

Can’t ever find a parking space? Here’s the solution.

Volkswagen’s car towers at Autostadt in Wolfsburg, Germany, are 60m tall parking towers of glass and galvanised steel. They house 800 cars and are connected to the Volkswagen factory by a 700m underground tunnel. In the vertical carparks, cars are lifted into position via mechanical arms that move vehicles in and out of their bays at a speed of two metres per second.

Safe driving, from Britannia!


October 19, 2018
Students are Failing Because of…

New research has revealed that thousands of UK learners are failing before they even driving a car.

This is caused because they have failed to read a number plate 20m (65ft) away during their driving test. This is a legal requirement of all drivers and can see them instantly fail the practical examination before even getting into the car. read more.

Why not take our FREE eyesight test here.

Safe driving, from Britannia!


October 18, 2018
Who’s Passed This Week?

Take a look at two of our recent successful pupils here at Britannia Driving School, if you’re interested in learning with us, contact us today.

Wooow ??? passed my driving test on the 3rd October. My instructor Kierian was brilliant and very good. Thank you very much you have changed my life. I recommend Kierian to everyone who wants to pass driving soon.

  • Beverly Hodges – 8th October 2018


Congratulations Warren, for the first-time pass after lessons with Josh!






Safe driving, from Britannia!