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November 30, 2018
Loosing His Licence in 49 Minutes

“Some things last forever – others not for an hour,” German police wrote in their statement.

The 18-year-old was returning from his successful driving test when officers in the town of Hemer checked his car with a laser speed gun.

He was clocked travelling almost twice the speed limit – at 95km/h (60mph) in a 50km/h (30mph) zone.

The man had four friends in the car with him, regional police in Märkischer Kreis said – and speculated that perhaps he was trying to impress with his driving skills. Now he faces a ban for 4 weeks and can only receive his licence back after ‘expensive retraining’

Oh dear.

Safe driving, from Britannia!


November 29, 2018
UK Vs. US, China & Japan

Today we talk about the on-going self-driving car competition across the whole country and where the UK is in the race. The US, China and Japan have been moving ahead swiftly in the race to put autonomous vehicles on public roads, but new trials in West London perhaps indicate the UK is not that far behind.

A recent survey from OpenText suggests 31% of UK respondents believe there will be more autonomous vehicles on the roads than human-driven ones over the next 10-15 years, though this is down from the 66% who answered the same question positively 12 months ago.

What are your thoughts on the matter?

Safe driving, from Britannia!


November 28, 2018
Why Driving Someone Else’s Car is Probably Illegal

Drivers who have fully comprehensive insurance by sharing each other’s cars assumed they’ll be covered.

Rules have been changed slightly, meaning most drivers won’t be covered to drive other peoples cars even if they both are fully comprehensive. Driving without a valid insurance can lead to receiving a £300 fine and six penalty points – Oh no!


Safe driving, from Britannia!


November 26, 2018
UK to Trial Self-Driving Buses and Taxis

Government announces £25m the Autonomous Vehicles Intelligent Mobility Fund

People of London and Edinburgh will be the first in the UK to experience self-driving vehicles after three new public trials of autonomous buses and taxis secured a share of £25m funding from the government.

Leading brands such as Jaguar Land Rover, Addison Lee and Stagecoach have joined with technology specialists such as Fusion Processing and Oxbotica and the universities of Nottingham, the West of England, and Edinburgh, to deliver the new projects.

To read more please click here.

Please let us know if you see any of the vehicles.

Safe driving, from Britannia!

zebra crossing


November 23, 2018
Money-Saving Motoring Tips

Here are some tips and tricks to help you all with saving money on your motor.
1. Get Cashback on Fuel Purchases

Fuel is dangerously expensive, so why not at least earn a little while you can? The American Express offers a good cashback card option, as does Tesco, for more information check out Money Saving Expert’s petrol credit card guide.

2. Buy Economical Tyres

Before you buy your next new tyres, it can be tempting to get the cheapest ones, however, it can be proven a mistake in the long run. Especially in the winter, your tyres will need to be durable enough to last.

3. Don’t Press the Accelerator When You Start the Car

Every car today has engine electronics that regulate the car starting procedure. In the olden days, you needed to use a little gas to get the car running – but you don’t need to do this anymore.

4. Drive Gently When the Car is Cold

Cars are at their least efficient when they are cold. If you drive quickly straight from start-up, you are redoubling the wasted fuel, and also wearing out the engine more quickly in the process.

Show some mechanical sympathy and you’ll immediately start saving money.

Safe driving, from Britannia!


November 21, 2018
Using Your Phone in the Passenger Seat – £200 Fine & Six Penalty Points

Be warned about using your phone not just while driving but also in the passenger seat of someone’s car as it could land you with a fine, penalty points and even invalidated car insurance.

You can be fined £200 and land six penalty points for using your mobile phone in the passenger seat of a car if you are supervising a learner driver.

Speak to the team for more information if you are a parent or friend who is helping to teach a learner.

Safe driving, from Britannia!


November 20, 2018
NEW UK Driving Theory Test

UK Driving Theory Test now Features 23 New CGI Scenarios
  • The new hazard perception tests were introduced to the car theory test on 1 November
  • Stats from 2017 show there were 205 fatalities on roads during adverse weather
  • There are 23 different scenarios including snow, rain, gusty winds and low sun
  • The same CGI assessments will be introduced for motorcyclists in December and large goods vehicle and passenger carrying vehicle drivers in 2019

Find out more here.

Safe driving, from Britannia!


November 19, 2018
40 mph on a Electric Scooter

A 15-year-old boy has been caught riding an electric scooter at high speeds of 40mph on the road.

He appeared in court last month after being caught by officers and has been given six points. The six points will be added to his driver’s licence when he is able to have one.

The scooters may only be ridden on authorised or private lands, and are prohibited on pavements. Police warn all parents about buying scooters for their children, especially with Christmas coming soon. Don’t do what he did!


Safe driving, from Britannia!


November 16, 2018
When Was Your Last Visit to the Optician?

Do you remember when you last visited your optician? If you can’t it may be time to book an appointment.

Ensuring that your vision is clear and unimpaired is vital for both learning and once you’ve passed your test, as you will be tested in your practice on your eyesight before you get in the vehicle.

There are also more reports now of Police officers revoking drivers licences if they fail the roadside eye test, so make sure to get your vision tested.

Safe driving, from Britannia!