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March 30, 2012

A video has been released showing a man getting behind the wheel of a Toyota Prius and driving away to run his errands. Nothing unusual there however, the man is legally blind and he did not need to touch the pedals or steering wheel at all.

Google has released a self-driving car using high tech gadgets such as radars, lasers and cameras. A team of robotics experts developed the system and it has proved very successful with over 200,000 miles covered in this computer-led vehicle.

Mr Mahan the driver in the video said this: “Where this would change my life is to give me the independence and the flexibility to go the places I both want to go and need to go.”

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March 29, 2012
Bus Drivers Have More To Do Than Just Driving at Times.

A rare act of human intelligence coated with kindness and presence of mind! Simon Fisher who was driving between Southbourne and Bournemouth encountered an unpleasant incident on the bus. A passenger pulled his arm after asking him to stop the bus in the middle of nowhere. It was not the right place to stop the bus. Simon reacted carefully and pulled off the bus to ensure the safety of all the passengers. He said: “What I did was to try to look after him, look after my passengers and look after myself”.

The fellow passengers were all praise for Simon. One of the passengers said, “The driver remained so calm through the incident and even after being attacked”. Derek Lott, MD of the Yellow Buses said: I am extremely proud of Simon for the calm and collected way  he handled a very disturbing, and no doubt, traumatic situation. It would not be wrong to say that anything could have happened in the heat of moment. The bus drivers come across different types of people every single day. They need to handle tricky situations well. It is a part of the job. There are many responsibilities of being a bus driver in the modern society.


March 28, 2012

With a strike by fuel tanker drivers imminent, David Cameron is trying to resolve issues before it causes mass disruption.

Cameron has said there is “absolutely no justification” for the strike action. There are issues that the employees are concerned about and the strike could be avoided if both sides could negotiate. He did say however, that he would be chairing a meeting of Cobra, his emergency committee today to co-ordinate contingency plans.

He warned drivers that there was no need to queue excessively to buy fuel, but there was no harm for the public to top up their tanks in they could over the next few days. However, Cabinet Office Minister, Francis Maude went further, suggesting drivers keep a bit of extra fuel in a jerry can.

However, ministers have been criticised for their advice that drivers should stock up as this leads to panic-buying and could inevitably lead to a shortage of fuel even before the strike begins. This in turn could affect hospitals, schools and garages.

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March 27, 2012
Eyes On the Road campaign.

The Eyecare Trust is driving back people to safety by getting their eyesight checked. It was suggested earlier that almost nine million people have poor vision standards to drive safely on the roads. It raises an alarming bell. The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) has set minimum sight standards for everyone. Do you have roadworthy vision? It should be answered in affirmative by one and all. The ‘Eyes On The Road campaign’ is looking to educate citizens about it. The Sheffield Heeley MP Meg Munn is also supporting the social cause. It has a bigger objective than just finding out the flaws in the existing system.

Ms. Munn has positive things to say about it: Everyone’s eyesight naturally deteriorates with age, so it’s crucial to get your sight checked regularly.

The primary objective is to spread awareness. People who are suffering from poor vision  are susceptible to fall victim to road accidents. We can save ourselves by taking proper care of our eyes. It is just not limited to driving alone. These steps are meant to bring overall changes in the neighborhood society. It requires a mass movement to eradicate the weak links and loophole in any system. The present campaign is also looking to do something similar along the lines.


March 26, 2012

A disqualified driver moved a friend’s car and was given a two year driving ban.

Mr Crump, had an existing driving ban which was issued due to having no licence and driving without insurance. This ban was due to end early October 2013 however, the courts have given him a further two years on the ban, ordered him to pay £85 in court costs, a 12 month community order, a requirement to undertake the thinking skills programme and 60 hour of unpaid work, not bad considering he moved the car no more than 100 yards.

Michael Taylor, defending, said his client was released from prison last June and was making good progress. He got caught up helping a friend fix their car and made the mistake of moving it down the road. It was a foolish mistake but Mr Crump pleaded guilty at the first opportunity and was the one to admit he had no insurance.

Mr Crump told police however, that he was unaware he was disqualified as he wasn’t present in court when he was sentenced.

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March 23, 2012

Higher oil prices, driven by concerns about Iran are hitting drivers hard, with unleaded petrol prices hitting 140.20 pence per litre. Diesel is averaging at 146.72 pence and super unleaded is now 147.40p per litre.

The chancellor confirmed that the prices will continue to rise, with a 3p per litre fuel duty rise taking effect on 1 August.

The changes will inevitably force drivers of the road, even those that need their car for work purposes.

It’s worth shopping around though, with a difference of almost 6p per litre at different petrol stations.

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March 22, 2012
Litter Summit: A change is about to happen soon.

There are millions spent annually to clean and clear major roads across the country. It is the right time to understand that littering is a ‘criminal offence’. The situation has grown into a serious problem or threat. The Highways Agency calculates that it takes 700,000 bin bags to fill in the rubbish thrown out on the roads. These figures present the real-time situation. Caroline Spelman, the Environment Secretary, is heading the movement. The local authorities in London would be given the authority to impose fine, if anybody is caught doing that. This would bring a sense of awareness among people. The driver should be held responsible for any such incident.

The research conducted by Keep Britain Tidy has found that 23 percent admitted to throwing stuff out of the car windows. Isn’t it a bit embarrassing? The idea is to make people think twice before doing it. The question is that why do people litter when they can simply keep it in a bag or throw it once they reach home. What is so urgent about it? The proposed changes have a deeper message than just grabbing space in the national newspapers.


March 21, 2012

Twelve bus drivers aged between 34 and 64 have had a lottery syndicate for the past two years without a win and were on the brink of giving it up, when they won £38m on the EuroMillions.

The Stagecoach employees are over the moon with the win and it could not have come at a better time with talk of their shifts being cut.

One of the drivers said he would be giving up his job, he claimed: “…don’t get me wrong, I love my job, but I can’t go driving a bus around when I’ve got an Aston Martin”.

Stagecoach confirmed that services were running as normal despite the lack of drivers. The local manager at the Stagecoach depot in Corby said he has the huge task of sorting out shifts and finding replacement drivers, but was happy for the 12 that won and did not mind the extra work on this occasion.

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March 20, 2012
Older Drivers are Running the Show.

They seem to have the energy of a young driver when it comes to driving. The old people are showing the young counterparts a lesson in driving. There are one million drivers who are 80 and over in the country. Does it actually make an underlying difference in the end? They drive with utmost sincerity and safety guidelines in mind. They have enormous amount of experience available. The official data released by DVLA has embraced the truth. It shows that old drivers are ‘safe drivers’. They are three times less susceptible to deaths and injuries caused in road accidents.

It seems that the driving habits are causing bigger problems here. The young drivers drive fast and without a sense of responsibility. The whole approach towards driving has slowly been shifting towards making it fast. The old drivers are becoming better with passing age. They enjoy driving and take it as a means to freedom. The latest reports have challenged the common perception that old drivers lack focus and quick reaction time to drive safely on the roads. Their experience or company can prove to be a valuable asset to pass it onto the next generation. Let’s drive happily and enjoy the ride!


March 19, 2012

A van driver from South Shields pinned a traffic warden against railings whilst dropping off his former partner’s daughters to school.

Mr Bowmaker decided to drive the girls to school after they missed their bus, but did not consider the fact he had been drinking the night before. He was found to be more than twice the drink drive limit.

He had pulled up outside the school in his large goods vehicle and was attempting to manoeuvre it to get a better look at the children entering the school premises. A traffic warden was on the path in front of Mr Bowmaker when he pinned between the van and the school railings.

The warden has banged on the side of the van at which point Mr Bowmaker continued to reverse and then drive off. He was later arrested at home.

Stuart Graham, defending, said: “It was a momentary misjudgement at low speed. There had been complaints about traffic wardens being increasingly zealous about anyone who stopped in that area. It was a dangerous place for the warden to stand.”

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