July 18, 2018

Bay parking top tips! (Part 2)

Once you have prepared the vehicle and observed your surroundings making sure that it is safe to move. Make you also remember the 3 skills that were spoken about in the previous post.

A first key tip is to position yourself correctly so that any reference points you have will line up, as when you are taught each instructor may have a key way to find references for you so that you are able to parallel perfectly everytime.

The next key tip is fast steering but a slow and steady car, this means you will slow the car down as you will be full locking the steering wheel, this is best done when the vehicle is at a slow speed. This is so that you are aware that you are in full control, this is also safe there may be vehicles close by or parked near. Also moving at a slower speed will allow you to better observe your surroundings and keep in line with your reference points.

Observation is a key tip in the reversing of the car into the bay, so the speed must again remain slow paced, this is so that you can best observe all around the car ensuring that there are no pedestrians are cars approaching. This is why a slow speed to best as you will be observing whether you are in your lines and that it is safe and there are no people nearby.

Safe driving from Britannia!