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January 31, 2012
Some Find Driving To Be a Destined Affair.

The official records suggest that not everybody is lucky to pass the driving test in the first few attempts. How strongly do you believe in destiny? There were nearly 300 people who took the driving test last year and only 88 out of them came out feeling good and happy about it. There is an unevenly balance here. The irony is that as candidates try harder and appear for tests again, it starts becoming tougher and tougher for them.

It is only human to become nervous or conscious after unsuccessful attempts on previous occasions. They start feeling anxiety and a kind of desperation growing within. The pressure continues to build from there on. The financial costs have also proved to be an obstacle or hurdle along the path. They cannot keep on taking driving tests one after another. There is also a belief that these tests have become technically difficult than to what the situation was thirty years ago. You need to look at the situation and either take it as a warning sign to prepare harder or lose the hope and sit on the back seat of a driving car.


January 30, 2012

As many as 39 offices, providing over 1200 jobs will be at risk under new government plans to close all DVLA offices except the Swansea HQ.

The Department for Transport said the proposal could save as much as £28m a year and make many of their systems easier to use, with most applications made accessible online.

They are looking to move forward into the 21st century, currently you have to make phone calls to process many applications but by having them available online, yet still having a head office to contact should you need too will make the most sense.

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January 28, 2012

A 65 year old man from Devon faced charges for drink driving when police pulled him over to find he was four times the drink drive limit, whilst riding his mobility scooter.

Mr Spangenberg-Ferrelli was arrested and charged and was due to appear at court for the third hearing in connection with the offence. However, his defence lawyer argued his case claiming that despite the scooter having its own number plate for use on the road it was too small and lightweight to be covered under the drink drive laws he was pulled up on.

He has since been let off and free to wheel away.

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January 27, 2012

A Greater Manchester Police officer has written off a £33,000 undercover high performance vehicle.

The VW Golf R crashed mid December last year, it was said that no other vehicles were involved in the accident.

The driver suffered back injuries and is currently suspended from driving duties whilst an internal investigation takes place.

The police force is now considering changes to their driving policies and the rules surrounding officers test driving cars. This particular vehicle can reach speeds of over 150mph and go from 0 to 62mph in under 6 seconds, making it a more difficult car to handle.

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January 26, 2012
Lincolnshire Police Department: Awareness lessons to be taught against using mobile phones while driving.

Lincolnshire Police department has taken a direct approach to spread awareness against using mobile phones while driving. It would start offering awareness courses to make people realise about the kind of threat it poses. The next time someone commits the mistake of not following the guidelines could be in for a surprise. They would be asked to attend classes instead of fine being imposed upon them. The sole purpose is to bring a  change in the ideology the way people look at it.
Is it worth taking the risk? No, it cannot be under any circumstances! You need to show some kind of respect and responsibility both here. Such awareness classes or sessions should be conducted with a view to change the outlook of people regarding the usage aspect of mobile phones while driving. We cannot expect them to change on their own. They should be taught a lesson in reality. It becomes somewhat necessary to take strict actions to make our roads safe and secure once again. It is a noble step taken by the Lincolnshire Police team. All the offenders must understand one thing that they are not putting their own lives at risk but also playing with other lives on the road.



January 24, 2012
Heavy cold can be as bad a case as drink-driving.

Have you ever thought about it before? A new study has found out that people with heavy cold or flu to be as susceptible to cause an accident as in the case of drink-driving. Strange but true! It has been scientifically proven now. It can cause a major loss in concentration while driving. It is found that people suffer from a poor reaction time and alertness as a result of heavy cold. It affects their mood directly. You can either stay at home or sit back to travel the distance. It is for your own safety than doing any kind of favour here.

It also comes as a warning to others. You can maintain safe distance from someone who is suffering from heavy cold or sneezing while driving out on the road. These researches and scientific studies are done with an objective to make our lives happier and better. It becomes our responsibility to listen to them and adhere to the instructions. The first thing to be done here is to take proper medication and recover from it completely. It wasn’t thought before that how flu or heavy cold can impair our ability to drive safely on the roads.


January 23, 2012

The new theory test changes took place today, with learner drivers now having to learn the material instead of memorising the questions and answers.

The DSA (Driving Standards Agency) hope that by not publishing the theory test questions and answers, that drivers will gain a better understanding of our roads. It will encourage them to learn each topic thoroughly enough to be able to answer any questions asked. Previously it was feared that drivers were simply memorising the correct answer for that question and not understanding the issues surrounding it.

Theory test books and software will still be available and offer a form of revision for learners, with exercises and questions allowing them to assess their progress and apply what they have learnt.

It may seem a chore for those about to sit the theory test but it’s there to benefit them and other road users once they obtain their full driving licence.

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January 20, 2012

Chinese law states that drink-driving is a hazardous crime and offenders could face up to six months in jail. So when a boss and his ten workers found themselves too drunk to drive home, they found an alternative way of getting the boss home.

The boss did not want to leave his car in downtown Changchun so it was suggested that his ten employees push him and his car home. The three mile journey took 45 minutes and the group were in good spirits laughing and singing whilst the boss steered the car. Traffic officers said it was not an offence as long as the car’s engine was not running.

The boss said it was good exercise for his employees and wasn’t very far so didn’t feel bad.

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January 20, 2012
An Impending Need to Face-lift the Drug-driving Law.

Some kind of urgency must be shown here! The drug-driving law seems to favour the offenders more than the law-enforcing authorities. The reason behind is that there are no reliable methods or instruments available which can be provided for the roadside testing. The situation is changing now. This is what the Department of Transport is claiming to be! The respective authorities are accessing all the options and taking scientific view into account as well. There is still some time left before we can think of an effective policy being put into practice. There should be a zero tolerance approach towards it. There is no way that we can allow people to drive with certain amount of drugs in their bodies.

The ratio of drug-driving incidents has increased alarmingly. The burning question is that if it would be technically possible to test people and convict them in the court of law. This is the biggest hurdle. We can hope for some technical breakthrough to be made  here. It would be highly impossible to find a permanent solution without proper measures being taken in the same direction. The good part is that people have realised the gravity of situation and started thinking about it seriously.


January 18, 2012

Three members of the same family were caught drink driving on the same night in South Canterbury – New Zealand. A 15 year old boy was stopped and arrested for drink driving and police found him to be three and a half times the drink drive limit for his age.

Once arriving at the police station, police called his mother to collect him. She was subsequently stopped for the same offence and was found nearly twice the drink drive limit. Her husband was then called to collect both her and their son and was also stopped and arrested only 45 minutes after his wife after he was caught over the drink driver limit.

With parents setting this example, it is no surprise that the 15 year old was caught in the first place. There really is no excuse for drink driving.

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