Under 17 Driving Lessons

Are you 15+ – 17 years old and looking for Off Road Driving Lessons? Can’t decide if it is right for you?

We have put together some reasons why taking off road driving lessons might be right for you.

  • You’ll gain more confidence about taking on road driving lessons
  • You’ll learn all the basics of car control and manoeuvres safely off road
  • You’ll pass your driving test faster, because you’ve already learnt all the basics

Why 15+ -17 year olds should take off road driving lessons

  • One in 5 newly qualified drivers will crash within 6 months of passing their test.
  • Newly qualified drivers and their passengers account for one in 5 UK road deaths.
  • In Sweden, accident rates were slashed by 40% when drivers had lessons at an earlier age.

Stress Free Learning

Some people struggle to learn how to co-ordinate the clutch, gears and accelerator. This often leads to them stalling the car or bunny hoping down the road or the car rolls back. This can be very frustrating and stressful, making learning to drive more difficult.

Taking off road driving lessons with a Britannia driving instructor will make learning to drive a lot less stressful, reduce anxiety and increase your confidence when you do on road driving lessons.

Nervous Drivers

We have taught many nervous drivers over the years. Some have come to us because they were unable to get quality under 17 off road driving lessons from other driving schools or they could not master the co-ordination of controls which has led to them losing their confidence and becoming nervous about learning to drive.

After coming to Britannia, pupils have found that our patient and understanding under 17 off road driving instructors have helped them to not only regain their confidence and ease their nerves; they have helped them pass the driving test and enjoy the freedom that having a driving license brings.

Let our fully qualified, government approved driving instructors show you how to: star/drive/reverse/ brake/corner/park and steer in a dual controlled car.

How Much

Off Road Driving Lessons cost just £29.99 for 30 minutes and £57.99 for 1hour. Gift vouchers pack available. Please Note: you must be at least 1.5m tall in order to take Off Road Driving Lessons.