July 23, 2018

Are There Flaws In Self-Driving Cars?

You may think if your car was self-driven, it would be great! We’ve thought of some possible disadvantages to why it wouldn’t be such a good idea…

  • Who is guilty? If the car crashes, no one will be guilty. Insurance companies will lose out big time as who should compensate?
  • The price! Self-driving cars would probably cost more than 100,000. Who can afford that? Our lessons are much less!
  • Jobless Drivers – Many taxi drivers, truck drivers will become without a job as autonomous vehicles will take over
  • Security issues – Somebody may hack into your car system and take control of the operations

And most of all, who would teach you all? At Britannia, we take pride in teaching our learners and want to do it forever.

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Safe driving, from Britannia!