A Self-Driving Mobile Hotel Room

“It’s basically a hotel room so it has everything inside it,” he says. “Whether it’s six hours or 10 hours, you’ll feel comfortable inside it.” – Steve Lee, Designer. Lee has come up with an idea that could make the future of travel awesome, ‘The Autonomous Travel Suite’. Is this far-fetched? Not at all, self-driving cars […]


Waymo Launch Self Driving Car

Today, we’re taking the next step in our journey with the introduction of our commercial self-driving service, Waymo One. #everystep https://t.co/Sg2a5wRVfM pic.twitter.com/kRZtA4gRda — Waymo (@Waymo) December 5, 2018 Waymo has introduced a small self-driving service in the Phoenix area after waiting for nearly a decade. Marking a significant milestone after working secretively with Google in […]


Amazon Alexa in your Car?

Amazon is looking to bring the Alexa personal assistant to autos, helping drivers with mapping and music navigation and to help find the nearest gas station. You might think, well that’s what I have my phone for? But doesn’t it make more sense inside the car to use your voice? You want to keep your hands on […]