Britannia’s CSR Policy

Britannia Driving School’s Corporate Social Responsibility Ethos

Corporate social responsibility has always been part of Britannia Driving School’s ethos and the way we do business. It’s not just one individual at Britannia Driving School but everyone gets involved.

Through generosity of our staff, fundraising events and committing our personal time to the local community we set out to fulfil our corporate social responsibility.

We have two members of our team – Adam and Oliver – that are school governors in our local community. They give up their time to sit on committees to help monitor, challenge and support the school in all areas, including achievements, policies, concerns and development plans.

We often donate driving gift vouchers to local people and companies that are holding raffles and other fund raising events. Corporate social responsibility might not be a priority to businesses who are feeling the pinch however; we view this as a high priority and are happy to help where we can.

One member of the office team – Natasha – has worked as a volunteer at a local police station as an appropriate adult, assisting the police in interviews. She also decided to give back to the community this year, donating blood (despite her phobia of needles), holding charity stalls at various events and running the Royal Parks Half Marathon to raise money for Cancer Research UK. Natasha had never been keen on running and only really ran when it was raining and she wanted to get to her car, so when she pledged to raise money in April and signed up, a few people weren’t convinced especially her immediate boss at Britannia Driving School.

However, after four months of training, a few 10k runs to break her in, she crossed the finish line in 2 hours and 25 minutes. She said: “The support from the spectators on the day and her family, friends and work colleagues was amazing. Natasha said: “Running through Hyde Park on a sunny October day (the weather was on our side) along with thousands of others all there to raise money for various charities, I have never felt so proud!”

Another of our team-Shona- is a road warden for her local church; she helps deliver information to the local community about events, fairs and Christian Aid week. She is also involved in helping at these various events throughout the year.

One of our driving instructors – Sylvia – wanted to help a Cancer Charity too. She also held various charity events, including a food tasting evening. What was really impressive though was the 350km bike ride in India that she completed in just 10 days. She pledged to raise a minimum of £2800 for Breast Cancer Care. Despite the grueling challenge of riding a bike 350km in heats that she wasn’t used to, she was also very privileged to visit the Taj Mahal and see the exotic and colorful landscape, culture and people.

Most instructors at Britannia Driving School fulfil their corporate social responsibility by being more than generous when donating to colleges once they have completed their challenges and they have been instrumental in helping raise thousands of pounds for many charities.

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