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July 31, 2012
Do your part

Many people do not realise that they can either contribute to either road safety or road danger.

But you can, just by watching the way you drive and being responsible, create a safer environment for everyone. The first thing to do when you get into the car is have the right attitude. When you are angry and frustrated it’s never a good time to drive. Take a few minutes before you get into your car to take a few deep breaths. Release any anger and drive your car when you are more relaxed.

Don’t let other drivers anger you. Unfortunately, there are any number of terrible drivers on the road. Yes, we have all experienced them. They come into your lane without indicating, they speed past you dangerously, and they drive too close behind you.

But no matter how many drivers you get angry at, there is always another 3 more on the road somewhere. The best thing to do is to let them pass by and continue on with your journey safely. We can’t change the way that they drive but we can control how we react to them. So let us all make positive changes.




July 30, 2012

Roads closed, diversions and congestion but for once we British didn’t seem to moan after Lizzie Armitstead won our first medal of London 2012 in the Olympic women’s cycling road race.

Conditions were poor with rain pouring during most of the race. It started and finished on The Mall, travelling to Box Hill, through Richmond Park and Kingston Town Centre. Lizzie Armitstead said: ‘Thank you, Surrey: The leafy villages of Surrey, south west of London, provided a glorious back drop’.

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July 27, 2012

Drivers and cyclists driving in the Games Lanes are finding themselves even more confused.

Whilst Transport for London (Tfl) has advised drivers to follow the electronic road sings, other signs appear to display conflicting information. Like on the A40 near Hanger Lane, driver’s viewed a blue sign by the roadside telling them the lanes are now enforced but a matrix sign telling them they could use the lane.

With such a hefty fine, drivers just don’t want to take the risk however, Tfl’s managing director of surface transport said: ‘people accidentally straying into the lanes will not automatically incur a fine.

The lanes are monitored by CCTV cameras and drivers are still being advised to follow electronic message signs which will have the most up-to-date information.

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July 26, 2012
Celebrations aren’t over.

So we enjoyed the Queen’s Jubliee, did you? It was a spectacular performance. It seemed like the whole of England came alive to honour our Queen B. The likes of Kylie Minogue, Grace Jones and Mr Tom Jones took to the stage to give show stopping performances.

But the celebrations are not over. It is the summer after all. It’s the time when we hit beer gardens and oh yea, that little event called the Olympics is happening too. We all have a lot to celebrate. It is a time to hang out with our friends and loved ones and share these summer memories together.

However, if we are going to celebrate –which we absolutely should – should then we must also be responsible. That means if we are drinking they we should not drive afterwards. Just remember, if you want to have a drink plan it so you don’t have to drive back afterwards. Opt to stay at your friend’s house or take a taxi home. It is never worth the risk.



July 25, 2012

The government are cracking down on those that use a blue badge in a fraudulent way. They claim that £46 million each year is lost in parking revenue.

More enforcement will be present and the badges are now harder to counterfeit. With the badge displaying a hologram, photo and unique serial number, they are almost impossible to fake.

It is thought that more than 2.5million use the blue badge scheme, so even the eligibility criterion has changed in the last year, with people having to re-apply for their badge.

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July 24, 2012
Right Shoes.

When you are driving you need to be comfortable. If you are wearing shoes that aren’t, then you will find driving to be drag. Yes ladies, sometimes the high-heels just don’t work when you are driving. They can be restrictive and cause you to get annoyed, so it’s best to avoid wearing them when behind the wheel. This is something that can be easily done. All you need to do is carry some plimsolls in the car. When it comes to driving just slip into them.

Some have even referred to wearing as, very hazardous. They can give you less control. You need to have a good feel of the pedals when driving, this does not mean drive bare foot though. Plimsolls are a good for driving. We suggest grabbing your self a pair and keeping them in the car so you can easily change in and out of them.

Remember then when driving we have to be as responsible as we possibly can. This comes down to wearing the right pair of shoes so that we have full control over the vehicle.


July 23, 2012

A 42 year old man from Sydney was arrested and charged with driving recklessly, failing to stop for police, taking a vehicle without consent and driving whilst disqualified all in one go.

The man who is already banned from driving for 56 years was caught by police driving a white Toyota at high speeds. Whilst pursing the driver, he went through a red light and almost collided with other vehicles so police backed off feeling it was too dangerous, but later arrested the man.

He was initially due to receive his licence back in December 2068 but as he has been refused bail and has clocked up these further charges who knows when he will get his licence back.

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July 20, 2012

Honda staged the biggest number of recalls than any other car maker in 2011 and it looks like this year is no better with them having to recall more than 320,000 cars around the world.

The problem is with the doors, despite no reports of accidents or injury, there is a possibility that the fault could lead to the car doors opening whilst the car is in use.

Letters are due to be send to consumers shortly and dealers will inspect and fix the cars if needed.

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July 19, 2012
Driving Where?

Been able to drive gives us a great opportunity to go to some wonderful places in the UK. There are literally so many places to visit; whether you’re taking your self, your loved one, or loved ones.

Packing the clan in the car, giving someone the responsibility to navigate, the other to be in charge of snacks, can all be great fun. Just remember to plan your route well. It’s worth getting a satnav.

So where to go? A recent favourite has been Church Stretton. A lovely little town with great walks. It is the perfect place to go for a stroll or even a long walk. Pack a lunch and eat it on the lovely hills as you see the surrounding area for miles and miles. If you want to stay overnight there are places to stay right in the park, you can also find somewhere nearby .

Afterwards, you can take a look around the town at the lovely little shops and cafes.


July 18, 2012

ADIs…when you are called upon for your check test remain calm. Follow these few simple rules and you should be fine.

DO let the DSA know if you cannot make the date issued to you. By not turning up and not informing them, the examiner is wasting their time and it proves costly.

DO conduct the lesson as you would any other. The examiner is there purely to observe, so don’t change your teaching style trying to impress.

DO bring a pupil along however, remember that the examiner can act as a pupil if you do not have someone available.

DON’T think you have to bring a learner pupil along, you can carry out the check test with a full licence holder.

DON’T forget that the examiner can organise a check test at their discretion and that it is for the purpose of ensuring you still meet the minimum standards.

Good luck!

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