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November 30, 2012

Dean Wilson’s son Matthew aged just 21 years old was killed two years ago when his car hit a tree. Mr Wilson and his daughter Hannah want to raise awareness of drink-driving as this was one of the factors that lead to Matthew’s accident.

The drink-drive campaign this Christmas will target younger drivers, as figures show 20-24 year olds failed more breath tests than any other group.

By using the actual car Matthew was killed in as an emotive tool to show people the effects of drink driving, they hope that the shocking image will help to promote safer driving and encourage people to think before they drink drive.

The dangerous mixture of thinking you are in control and feeling fine but having drunk alcohol, increases the chance of risk taking, can cause blurriness and make what is already considered a difficult task more difficult.

People of all ages tend to drink exceptionally more over the Christmas period and people that may not normally drink will have a tipple of two to celebrate.

Police urge drivers to be vigilant and plan how you are getting home when out on Christmas dos. It is also important that drivers are aware of their blood alcohol levels the morning after too.

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November 29, 2012
Morning Drive

The drive to work in the morning whether it be to work or to drop the children off at school, is important for how we feel the rest of the day.

If we get off to a terrible start is sometimes has an effect on the rest of our day. Apart from trying to keep your cool when someone cuts you up or pulls over into your lane, what can you do?

I suggest having some good audio going on the in background. Now, I’m not saying that you have to start playing some Deepak Chopra –though he is very good! –but I find that listening to some relaxing music first thing in the morning helps. This could be audio book, some soothing music or a talk on Radio 4.

It’s important to be alert but relaxed when you are in the car and starting off your day in this fashion always, I find, helps. This doesn’t of course excuse poor driving. But when you are relaxed and prepared, you won’t let someone’s poor driving ruin you day.


November 28, 2012

One hundred and five times…over £3000 and still no closer to passing the theory test. The DSA have revealed information regarding an Essex resident who has sat her theory test an astonishing 105 times.

She is the clear winner on the number of tests sat, with her closest rival only sitting the test 84 times.

Despite the cost and heartache she must feel after each fail, she is one determined women and here’s hoping she is lucky on the 106th try.

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November 27, 2012
It’s the season to be merry – not drink driving.

With Christmas upon us the Christmas parties have all started.

This gives us all the time to catch up with friends and family. To ask them how their year has been and what their plans are for Christmas and indeed the next 12 months.

It is also of course, the time of year when the alcohol comes out. The wine is flowing and the champagne is popped. We’ve spent a year working hard after all!

Unfortunately, this also means that many people are tempted to drive whilst over the limit. Which of course, should never happen. If you are going to a party with a group of friends try and arrange it so that one person is driving, or arrange to get a taxi back home. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

If you are planning a big party let people know well ahead so they book transportation. It may be worth calling a taxi company ahead of time and letting them know how many people will be needing a lift.

We hope your enjoy your Christmas parties!


November 23, 2012

Secret agent 007 went undercover to obtain his driving licence in America. He might have a licence to kill but he didn’t have a licence to drive there legally.

After him and his family moved to Manhattan, New York he was required to take driving lessons to obtain a legal motorist’s licence.

Everybody, no matter who you are must pass a road safety test, a pre-licencing driving safety course and take a written exam as part of American road laws.

He did use his 007 powers to get a bit of special treatment, getting his assistant to request a private class with no other students. And luckily, he passed his test with flying colours.

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November 22, 2012
Bay Parking.

Car parking spaces on supermarket car parks seem so small. Especially when you drive anything bigger than a Peugeot 206. Getting in and out of these tight parking spaces can seem like a complete nightmare. Especially when the car park is particularly busy and you have someone waiting for you to come out so that they can pull-in.

The best way to prepare for these situations is to practice. When you go to a supermarket and it is quiet, practice your bay parking. Go to a part of the car park where it is quiet and imagine that you will be parking between two cars. Think about how you need to pull-in and how much space you need to leave on either side.

You should try reverse parking too. Some people find this easier. Again, practice makes perfect so keep trying.


November 21, 2012

With the cost of petrol uncertain and the recession hitting drivers hard, we need to look at ways of being more fuel efficient.

A survey by Shell found that a third of drivers admit to carrying more than five things in their car boot at all times. Hoarding items in the car unnecessarily will add to the weight of the car and ultimately waste more petrol.

So why not leave the kids at home next time you take a trip in the car!?

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November 20, 2012
Social Media

We all love taking pictures. It may not be pictures of ourselves–though there’s nothing wrong in that–it could be pictures of a beautiful landscape, the light blue ocean or the most dazzling sunset. Oh, and of course, we like to take pictures of our cars. Again, there’s nothing wrong in that.

But when do you take the pictures of your car. Do you take pictures when you are outside of the car? Do you take the passengers when you are in the passenger seat? Or, is it when you’re driving?

Taking pictures when driving is as bad as using your phone when driving. Please don’t.

With the emergence of social media we are all keen to share things with others. One things is our driving experiences, and one of the ways people are doing this is taking videos or pictures whilst driving.

There are any number of people doing this such as, the England cricketer Craig Kieswetter who took a picture of himself driving at 90mph and then uploaded it on twitter. In another case, a driver took a video of himself driving over 120mph and uploaded it onto YouTube.

Just remember that when you are driving be safe, don’t use your phone.


November 19, 2012

Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin is looking for new ways of reducing road deaths involving newly qualified drivers.

Statistics from The Association of British Insurers show that 17-24 year olds are responsible for a disproportionately high number of accidents on our roads, despite the fact that under 25s form only one in eight of all car drivers.

Insurers believe that peer pressure leads young drivers to take risks, this along with a lack of experience they have and various other distractions.

There is a suggestion to restrict new drivers who have passed their test less than nine months to carry passengers. How realistic this would be is yet to be seen and they would have to make it very clear as to whether it is no passengers full stop or if family members can be in the car or just one friend etc.

Other countries have adopted such measures and seen results so there is no reason why we cannot look at changing rules for newly qualified drivers. Not everyone will follow the law but imposing new policies/laws and encouraging people to follow them we should hopefully see results.

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November 16, 2012

Do you ever get confused with traffic signs, too many off them, confusing signs and those that point out the obvious are cluttering up our roads and things are set to change.

The government are working to allow local councils and highway officials the power of reducing the number of road signs on our roads and to revise traffic sign regulations.

Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin said: “Too many country roads…have ugly and unnecessary signage that clutters up the network. Often what we’re left with is not just a blot on the landscape. It’s also something that’s confusing and dangerous.”

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