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March 31, 2017
Keep Those Wipers Working!

If you have passed your driving test, or even if you are part way along the process of learning to drive, you will likely be familiar with the challenges presented by driving in a variety of weather conditions. Unfortunately for every day we have driving in beautiful summer sunshine, we probably have three or more days of driving in summer rain!

When driving in rain, remember to keep your speed lower than you would normally drive at to allow for longer stopping distances on wet roads, and to maximise your visibility at all times, always keep those wipers working!

Safe driving from Britannia!


March 30, 2017
Thing To Keep In Your Car

For many of us we have way too many items in the car and they’re usually non-important things. It’s everything from coats and bags, to receipts and empty chocolate wrappers.

At Britannia we talk a lot about having the right attitude when you drive and how to park safely. But today we want to talk about something else.

We want to take a moment though about the important items to store in your car just in case. Firstly, have a copy of your breakdown cover in your glove compartment. You can also have a list of key contact numbers in case your battery dies. Talking of a dead phone battery, it’s useful having a car charger in your car. Another useful thing is to have a small pouch of small change to pay for parking meters.

Safe driving from Britannia!


March 29, 2017
Learning To Drive

Whether you’re learning to drive in an automatic, taking an intensive driving course, or taking a refresher driving course, leaning to drive is challenging.

It’s important to remember a few things.

1)      Learning to drive takes time and effort. Everyone you know who has passed their test has had to spend time learning and it’s no different for you

2)      A positive attitude makes a huge difference. Before a driving lesson say to yourself, “This is another chance for me to improve my driving skills.”

3)      There’s nothing better than practice. The more you put in the more you get out. The more you practice the better you’ll do.

Safe driving from Britannia!


March 28, 2017
The Art of Defensive Driving

When our students are preparing for their theory and driving test we remind them the importance of defensive driving.

What does that mean?

Every time you get into your car one must be aware of the dangers around them. Whilst you should be a safe driver it’s important to remember that not everyone else on the road is as safe as you are.

Try your best to not get irritated by other drivers. Don’t be disrespectful to other drivers. Never try and race another car. Always avoid driving if you are feeling tired. Don’t feel that you need to impress your friends when they come into your car. You’ll very quickly regret this if you get into an accident.

Safe driving from Britannia!


March 27, 2017
What’s it like learning in an automatic car

When everyone begins learning to driving they have one goal in mind: to pass their driving and theory test .

For a very long time it has been a given that students in the UK should learn to drive in a manual car. This is for a few reasons. For one, a lot of people have manual cars and it’s just a norm. This isn’t the case in countries such as American, though, where people drive automatics.

However, times are changing and more people are wanting to learn how to drive in an automatic. This is something that Britannia offers.

There are definitely some advantages to learning in an automatic. For one thing so is no clutch control or biting point to master. This is the thing that can take a long time to learn when in a manual car.

For more information get in touch with Britannia.

Safe driving from Britannia!


March 24, 2017
Mapping Your Journey

When driving to a new area there’s always a chance that you can get lost. You can create lots of stress when you get lost and end up going around in circles. It’s even worse if you have passengers and they just want to get there, too. Then you have to think about where to park .

The best way to solve this is to plan the journey ahead of time. Here’s what we suggest.

  • Get the full address details of the place you’re going to
  • Before your journey, and when you’re at home, go onto Google Maps and map out the journey
  • Just looking at the route will make you feel calmer
  • Most people have a satnav and if you don’t, it’s worth buying one. Having this on hand for your journey will help a great deal.

Safe Driving from Britannia!


March 23, 2017
Buying The Right Car For You

Congratulations! You’ve put in the hard work and passed your driving and theory test.

Now it’s time to buy your new car. Not so fast!

Before you think about buying your new car think about the total expenses. Plan out how much that car will cost for insurance, MOT, Road Tax etc. Look at how much it will cost if the tyres need changing or if you need breakdown cover.

It’s important to look at the total package of costs and not just the cost of the car. That way, if you do have an emergency you know that you have the funds to cover them.

Safe driving from Britannia!


March 22, 2017
Driving To And From The Airport

Going on holiday is one of the most exciting things. As the summer draws closer more and more of us will be going away. What also comes along with going on holiday, though, is the added stress of getting to and from the airport.

Sometimes getting on the train or coach, especially when you have a family can be arduous so going in the car is a better option.

To make sure that your drive to and from the airport is smooth follow the below suggestions:-

  • Map your journey out on Google Maps beforehand so you know the route you’re going to take
  • Pack your suitcases in the car the night before so you don’t have to think about it in the morning
  • Have a check-list of your all most important documents (passport, tickets etc.)
  • Leave plenty of time for your journey

Safe driving from Britannia!


March 21, 2017
The Right Driving Shoes

We talk a lot about driving safely, whether that’s what to do when you’re waiting in traffic or having the right glasses so you can see properly.

Another thing we want you to think about is selecting the right shoes to wear when driving.

This is important because you need to be comfortable when you’re driving. Your feet and ankles need to feel comfortable because you’re constantly adjusting pedals. If you’re driving a lot it’s worth having a pair of driving shoes in the car so you can slip them on and off.

Safe driving from Britannia!


March 20, 2017
Double-Check Before Deciding

One of the most important factors that will help you to become a good driver is the element of decision-making. Often when you’re out driving, you will face a situation that you didn’t, or could never have prepared for on your driving lessons, and to come out of that situation safely you need to rely on your own judgement.

When making decisions such as this, it is important to remember one vital thing; To stay calm. Most of the time, poor driving decisions are caused by the driver going into panic mode and rushing their decision – So take your time, and make the right one.

Safe driving from Britannia!