July 24, 2018

U-Turns? Where Can I Do Them?

A man in Bradford has been arrested recently when he performed a U-turn during a police chase, to drive the wrong way up the slip road on a busy street.

Not sure on when you are allowed to turn? Read our advice:

Look out for signs! If you see the sign below you can’t do a U-turn.

Image result for u turn sign

Be aware as if you are caught, you will be issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN), three penalty points on your licence and a £60 fine.

Before making a U-turn, always ask yourself:

Is it safe to perform the manoeuvre?

Is it legal?

Will I inconvenience other road users or pedestrians?

Can I see clearly or should I pull up on the left initially?

Are there any cyclists or motorcycles that are difficult to see?

Is the road wide enough to perform the U-turn safely?

Safe driving, from Britannia!