July 17, 2018

Bay parking top tips! (Part 1)

Bay parking is one of the potential manoeuvres that could be chosen for you in your test, and it is a manoeuvre that many learners fear. But with our top tips, you’ll be ready!

There are 3 key points that you should remember the first being that 1.) you are in control of the vehicle, the speed the distance and the breaking. All factors that you control. 2.)  Observation is another key aspect of this, you need to always be aware of our surroundings. To need to observe all around the car just simply glancing in the rear view mirror will not do, you have to make sure its safe for you to move and that there are no other road users around or approaching. 3.) Accuracy, this will improve with practice and determination. You must ensure when you park the vehicle that there is an almost equal gap on either side, so that other can park and get in and out of vehicles safely.

Safe driving from Britannia!