Client Reviews

Been having lessons with Darren for a while now, who is amazing!
Darren is very calm, honest and makes driving enjoyable rather than stressful.
With Darren’s guidance and my persistence and hard work, I have passed my driving test today, 1st time!
It feels good to say “I’m officially a driver!”

Chanel Campbell - Ealing, London (20th January 2020)

I have just passed my test first time with zero minors! Thanks to my driving instructor Jon F. I had never been in the driving seat before and Jon put me at ease straight away. I really enjoyed all of my lessons and loved getting to experience different things like motorway driving which lots of friends who have had lessons with other companies never got to experience in their lessons.
Thank you to Jon and to Britannia, I would definitely recommend them to anybody.

Sam Greenwood - Richmond upon Thames (18th January 2020)

I would recommend britannia, and had an overall pleasant time with my lessons and instructor jon F.

Daniel Amara - Wandsworth, London (17th January 2020)

I had always been afraid to start driving and I never thought I could do it. However, from my first lesson onwards, my instructor Elliot explained things clearly and thoroughly and it wasn’t long until I felt confident on the roads. He encouraged me to practice things I was afraid to do which helped immensely and he is also just an incredibly friendly man who I have had the pleasure of knowing for the past few months. He took me through all the way to passing my test and I am forever grateful!!

Emma Holcombe - Wimbledon, London (14th January 2020)

I just passed my test at Morden Test centre, and my instructor was John O. I decided to choose Britannia after failing my first attempt and they assigned John as my instructor and I could not be more happy. He is very thorough in making sure you are confident and ready to pass the test and be a safe driver. He was also very willing to work odd hours to meet my schedule and I could not be more grateful, as it really helped me progress along well. He makes sure to point out areas of improvement constantly and focus on weakness points which I really appreciated.

Yashna Nanwani - Wimbledon, London (10th January 2020)

I have just passed my driving test with 3 minors at Morden with John O! He has helped me so much and made me feel confident in everything I have learned, he has nagged me when I needed it and supported me throughout. Thanks John! I highly recommend him as the best!

Joy Murtagh - Wimbledon, London (10th January 2020)

I am a mum and paid for an intensive driving course for my son. The course was arranged with hours to suit him and he passed his test on the 3rd attempt. I was delighted as was my son. His insrtructor was Jon and it was an excellent expeience. With his experience he knew exactly what to focus on for the 3rd test & following his advice it its was a pass. A big thank you to Emma from the office who arranged the lessons and re-test’s. From my point of view it was less expensive than I expected and worth it. I would not hesitate to recommend Brittania. I now inted to pay for a pass plus as an extra confidence boost and cheaper insurance. A big thank you!!

Jennifer Shades Richmond upon Thames (9th January 2020)

My instructor, Kevin is a very good person. Always he was kind and helpful in my driving skills and I will advise everyone who want to do driving lessons.
Thank you Kevin and Britannia

Elona Beqiri - Richmond upon Thames (5th January 2020)

George S was the best driving instructor! So lovely and helpful and really goes the extra mile. Helps you out so much and more. Really kind and helps you with tough parts of driving and is an absolute funny guy! helped me past first time!

It’s a funny old game… thanks again George!!! 🙂

Anisha Iqbal - Morden, Surrey (24th December 2019)

Robert was just amazing!
Thanks again mate!

Zoran Koneski - Wandsworth, London (23rd December 2019)

Darren has been the best from the start . helped me through the hardest parts of driving and has been so amazing .

Najma Nour - Ealing,London (20th December 2019)

I had lessons with John O. and thanks to his patience and generally great teaching, I was able to pass first time with just 3 minors. I would definitely recommend John as an instructor!

Zuzanna K - Wandsworth, London(16th December 2019)

Very pleasant experience with my instructor (Darren). Very calm during the sessions, and clearly has a lot of experience from his clearly thought out lesson plans.

I had around 30hrs of lessons in total, averaging 2hours lessons once a week, with 1 month gap in between, took around 3 months from start to finish, passed first time.

The beginning was understanding how to control the car and getting comfortable driving in residential areas, then we moved on to main road where I learnt interaction with other cars and rules of the road (right of way, etc…), lastly in the last 15-18hrs it was more manoeuvre and exam focused.

The lessons I found was harder than the actual exam. It might have been due to the fact that Darren was targeting my weak spots as we go along. Darren was very good at analysing recurring bad habits and accurate in assessing whether I am ready for the exam.

Around the end, Darren was very honest and open to discuss whether I need more lessons before taking the exam, and helped me evaluate the cost with further lessons and the cost of the exam.

Overall, I would definitely recommend Darren as your instructor.

Douglas WONG - Ealing, London (18th December 2019)

Jane taught my daughter to drive and I’m very pleased to say that she passed her practical test on her first attempt. Many thanks to Jane, she is a great teacher, calm, kind, reliable and very efficient.

Anne Harrington - Wimbledon, London (17th December 2019)

A great experience from start to finish. The in-house staff are kind, considerate, as well as helpful. The teaching resources (available on the Britannia website) are second to none too (these were a great benefit to me). Good job all!

My driving instructor (James) was truly exceptional. His teaching style was compassionate and understanding. He has a great teaching style, which made learning easy (and helped improve my overall confidence).
This culminated with me passing my practical test first time (with confidence).
Thanks Jim 🙂

Andy Nicholas - Wimbledon, London (13th December 2019)

I had lessons with George who was just the best, always explained everything in a way that was easy to understand and constantly encouraged and pushed me. I would’ve never even booked my test without his help. He made sure I was ready for my test weeks before so we could just focus on the things I wasn’t confidant on for the last week. I always pushed my driving to the side never being able to find the drive to do it, but George’s help (And bad jokes) got me through it and finally all those mornings of waking up at 6:30 was worth it

Victoria Hull - Wimbledon, London (13th December 2019)

It’s been a journey, but I’m incredibly thankful to Elliot for his tuition, thank you

Laurence Bispham - Wimbledon, London (12th December 2019)

Thank you to Robert for getting me passed

bradley curran - Richmond upon Thames (11th December 2019)

I had a few lessons with Johnnie. He is a really good instructor. He was very patient with me. Repeated things over and over.
Strongly recommend him.

Ayham Alsuleman -Southwark, London (10th December 2019)

Thank you very much for Elliot who pushed me to get my licence, the 2nd time as I have been banned while getting 6points within the 2 years. So my advice for all the new drivers not to use a mobile phone while at the traffic light.

Eliane Bisio - Morden, Surrey (10th December 2019)