Client Reviews

Very happy with my lessons, thank you to John for making them engaging and providing me with everything I needed to know to pass my test first time.

Sam Taylor - Morden, Surrey (18th December 2018)

I had a fantastic driving instructor Andrew.
So patient while I was learning all the maneuvers .( believe me it took me a while to get them )
I will recommend Britannia to every one .

Mary-Jane Salole - Worcester Park, Surrey (18th December 2018)

I want to thank Robert for being a great instructor from the beginning, helping me to pass my test on the first attempt today. Thank you!

Julian Vanbrugh, Richmond upon Thames (12th December 2018)

My daughter passed her driving test today. She took her lessons with Robert, who was very patient and reliable and taught her very well. He made sure that she was ready for her test and she passed on her first attempt after 20 lessons with Robert. Thank you!

Christina C. - Richmond upon Thames (11th December 2018)

Darren is the man. I came to him having had three other instructors that didn’t suit me, and with incredibly poor driving skills and major anxiety on the road. Darren has the best balance between keeping calm and cool while also making sure you know what you are doing and are motivated. We were able to laugh at silly mistakes whilst also focusing on getting the job done. If you have any anxiety, Darren is the instructor for you -great banter is included in the package.

Bella Whittaker - Hammersmith, London (10th December 2018)

I had a great instructor called Kevin. He was very patient with me and made me feel very calm. It only took me 6 weeks to pass doing 4 hours every Saturday and sunday.i would 100% recommend Kevin as your driving instructor.

Chantelle Harding - Morden, Surrey (9th December 2018)

I had an excellent driving instructor by the name of kevin, I used to do lesson back in south west london with my grandad who is also an instructor and was manual. Over the past year I have been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, which has affected my legs a lot reasons for me doing automatic lessons. Instructor Kevin reminded me a lot of my grandad in the way how he teaches and is a really good teacher, I would recommend anyone doing automatic to choose him. Ohh yeah I forgot we only had 6 hours total of lessons and passed with today being my last day or I would have had to do theory again. Thanks and respect Kev

Ishmael Robinson - Ashford, Middlesex (6th December 2018)

I did the intensive course, having taken a 3 year break from learning to drive. I had a lovely lady called Mary who was truly amazing. She could see it wasn’t my skills that were lacking as much, but my confidence. She was nothing but honest, direct and supportive. I passed just last week, after just 7 days of lessons with her.

Brie Moses - Wandsworth,London (6th December 2018)

My driving instructor Eliott was really helpful he taught me how to stop my bad habits by using NLP and helped me pass my driving test in a week with no mistakes at all. Would definitely reccomend him. Thank you

Yousef Omar - Wimbledon, London (5th December 2018)

I had a great instructor, Harry, Great to be in the car with and set out instructions clearly. He made sure I was ready for the test

Sam Turner - Richmond upon Thames (27th November 2018)

I cannot thank enough for the guidance and support from my instructor George in clearing the driving exam this morning with one minor in first attempt. Glad I came across such good instructor through Britannia, after many attempts of finding a good one. He understood the blockers in my mind, that had been affecting my driving for years and guided through with excellent instructions. Very friendly that I will certainly recommend to anyone without a doubt!

Rebecca X - Kingston upon Thames (20th November 2018)

My instructor Mary was unbelievable she really went above and beyond the call of duty.
She raised my confidence so much more than any other instructor and put me at ease behind the wheel. Not only this but she is genuinely a magnificent person. I would not hesitate to recommend her services to any one

ella Jenkins - Wandsworth, London (17th November 2018)

Darren was an excellent instructor! He explained everything very clearly and made me feel at ease when driving. He was always patient, calm and thorough in his teaching. Thanks to him I now passed my test and learnt how to be a confident and safe driver. I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor!

Mara Pop- Kensington and Chelsea, London (16th November 2018)

Elliot helped me pass today on my first attempt and I couldn’t have done it without his professional guidance. Elliot is a brilliant instructor who first understands you as an individual driver, then helps you find the most efficient path to success. I was an experienced non-UK driver with many bad habits. Elliot helped me suppress these while building on my strengths and experience. Bravo!

James Rapinac - Wandsworth, London (15th November 2018)

Not only is Elliot a brilliant driving instructor, he is also just an incredibly nice man.
I had had a couple of instructors before Elliot, neither of which had the patience and talent for teaching he had.
I couldn’t have been more prepared for my test and I am extremely grateful to him for his help.

St John Featherby - Wimbledon, London (14th November 2018)

I just have to say that Darren is incredible! I just passed first time with only two minors. He is an amazing instructor; patient, empathetic and gets the job done! He wants you to pass and works so hard that you do! A truly wonderful guy! Friend for life. Thank you Darren! 🙂

Tracey Pickup - Kensington, London (13th November 2018)

Tony was an excellent instructor. I would give 10 stars. He made me feel comfortable and explained things when I did wrong.

Charlotte Hadingham - Richmond upon Thames (13th November 2018)

I have passed my driving test with Jon, he was brilliant, very patient, punctual, very organized and he went above and beyond to help me pass.
He truly helped me get my confidence back especially after using another instructor from a different company where driving became from fun to drive to very stressful. Jon helped me restore my confidence and thanks to him I passed. He really helped me to learn not only to pass the test but most importantly to be a safe driver.
I am very grateful to him, many thanks Jon. It goes without saying that I will certainly recommend you because you deserve to be recommended.

Zimira L - Richmond upon Thames (12th November 2018)

A brilliant, honest, hardcore driving instructor. Jon doesn’t mince his words, but is so patient and so kind. He’s disciplined and focused and instills this in his students. He reinstated the confidence which I had to lost in myself. He’s compassionate and fierce, Jon does not teach you to drive to pass. He teaches you to drive for life. So that you have an awareness of everything he pushes you out your comfort zone. He’s a mixture of discipline, compassionate and patient. Jon goes above and beyond. Whomever has the honor of having him as a driving instructor is lucky. But they should ensure that they do not waste his time. His instruction is brilliant and he made me fall in love with driving when I hated it. Words cannot express my gratitude. I owe him so much. He’s a wonderful driving instructor and a brilliant human being. He goes above and beyond- sacrificing his own time, thus displaying his selflessness. For which he has my eternal gratitude.

Sai Rajasingam - New Malden, Surrey (11th November 2018)

Bit of a late review but never the less couldn’t have passed for the first time if it wasn’t for the help of Robert who taught me the ways of driving even though in the beginning i was finding things a bit difficult. Want to give a big praise for Robert a person that truly cared about his job and the success to his clients.

Eddy El-assal - Kingston upon Thames (8th November 2018)