Client Reviews

Sameera was such a brilliant instructor and really helped me pass my test. She helped me find flaws in my driving and perfect these which resulted in me passing my test first time.

Nancy Grace Bell (26th August 2022)

I passed my practical driving test today at tolworth, my instructor was sam. She’s an amazing instructor. Sam has given me time, advice, encouragement, guidance and comfort. Started lessons in March with Sam and made sure I was ready for my practical in July. If there wasn’t something I didn’t understand or couldn’t do I would be explained or worked around the way I learned best. Thankyou Sam for letting me learn from you

Rukshana Ahmed (28th July 2022)

Huge thanks to Libby , my instructor at Britannia.

Sometimes being a nervous driver , Libby has identified and corrected my mistakes whilst driving and if i didn’t understand something we would practice it until i did.
Having had my 2 previous tests failed with a different instructor and tests cancelled due to UK lockdowns , felt so glad that I have passed third time . Thanks again.


Sindhu Pavani (23rd July 2022)

I have passed my automatic driving test
This month in Morden. I would like to thank Sam , my driving instructor, for her skill as a teacher, her patience and for sharing her joy for driving. I have already recommended her to a friend. Terribly happy!!

Maria Inmaculada Lopez Rojo (22nd July 2022)

I loved my driving lessons with Libby! She was really thorough and extremely patient – I had a lot of different habits because of driving in other countries, she made sure I learned the UK driving rules and become more aware. I passed my test yesterday after taking a month of lessons with her!

Ritika Pai (20th July 2022)

I’d like to thank George for helping me pass today first try! I would recommend him to anyone, since he genuinly cares about his students and is a very good teacher.

For example, he goes beyond just making sure you can pass a test but teaches you to be a good driver. Since I first sat down in the drivers seat, George has had so much patience. He nearly got a sore throat with the number of times he reminded me to “look further ahead” and the endless parking practise. On some days I wanted to give up but he pushed me through and I don’t think I could’ve done it without his nagging. He is also a good laugh and I found it very helpful when he shows what not to by pointing out dodgy drivers.

George if you’re reading this thank you!

Oscar Croft (18th July 2022)

I have passed my automatic practical test today at Morden. I would like to thank ever so much my driving instructor Sam for her great ability to teach, her patience, kindness and most of all, for sharing her joy for driving. I could have not wished for a better teacher. I would not hesitate to recommend her. I already have to a friend. Keep it up Sam!

Maria I Lopez Rojo (14th July 2022)

My driving instructor Elliot was amazing!!! He adapted his teaching style to my energy and personality Which certainly contributed In me passing my driving test first time around.

Jonathan Crouch (14th July 2022)

I could not recommend Sam more.
She is nice patient and encouraging.
I really enjoyed my 2 hour lessons with her after trying multiple instructors she was by far the best!! Sam was always on time and let me use my time to practice what I needed.
And I passed first time.

Hannah Dye (7th July 2022)

This is fro Elliot he is an amazing instructor and I can’t thank him enough for helping me pass my driving test and staying out even when I make the dumbest of mistakes 50 times

Daniel Luis (5th July 2022)

Passed my test today – thank you so much to George who has been the best driving instructor!! He really helped me build my confidence and I passed first time.


Fiona Baxter (4th July 2022)

I knew how to drive before but on the opposite side of the road, so I took a few lessons with Jon to be prepared for my drive test in June.
He was very paciente and thorough with all details I needed to know for the drive test. He made me feel confident for the test and I passed the test first time! I’m very happy and grateful for Jon’s lessons and support.

Nathalia Mattos (4th July 2022)

Kiran is a very meticulous instructor and is highly knowledgeable about every detail on the right way of car handling and driving. He made sure I understood all practical aspects of driving standards while ensuring I was comfortable and relaxed throughout the learning process. He has done a very good job in helping me pass my driving test and I recommend him highly as a driving instructor.

Harini B (28th June 2022)

Johnny was very friendly, always helpful and an excellent instructor. I always felt like I got my moneys worth and was 100% confident on test day. Couldn’t have done it without him. Have already reccomended Brittania to friends!

Luke Mee-Beagley (17th June 2022)

My experience with Brittania driving school was totally positive!!!
I’m very glad to find a perfect school from first contact to my Driving test!
Quick to respond ,polite during conversations and efficient to satisfy all my requests!!
This one I choose from another 4 Driving school wich was not able or to find car for my driving test (1 month notice!) Or not interested to deal with me because maybe only couple of hours I was interested for (Hold already another driving license ,but not British).
My instructor Kiran was always on time, patient and able to give me perfect advice for my test!!
He allowed me to be confident ,he repeated twice sometimes the necessary instructions for me (English is not my first language) and I passed my test at Tolworth on first time!!!!
Brittania driving school was for me the best choice for British driving license!!
Thank you guys!
Great job:)

Virgil B (14th June 2022)

Elliot is the walking definition of a Master at his craft. I’ve had multiple instructors over the past 10 years of learning to drive, but Elliot made me feel comfortable on all my lessons. I found myself waking up on time exited for my 8am lessons when I don’t even wake up on time to go to my day job. He was also very flexible and accommodated me especially in the last 3 days before my test, when I texted him “Are you available today?” he always made time for me.

Elliot has transformed my life, and I will be recommending all my friends interested in a driving license to reach out to him. I passed first time, and I was nervous at first (If you’re not nervous, you’re not human!) but after setting off with the examiner, my nerves went away as I believed in my training and the training that Elliot provided to get me to pass. His voice is now hardwired into my subconscious whenever I drive, and that is a comforting thought.

10/10 couldn’t have asked for a better instructor.
Kiss the brakes.

Tommy Le (6th June 2022)

I had a wonderful experience with this driving school, Elliot, my instructor was really good and encouraging, and helped me be able to pass my driving test on my first try. Thank you!

Natalie Collinson (28th May 2022)

George is an amazing driving instructor and goes above and beyond for his pupils. I have had five different driving instructors from different companies over the course of trying to pass my test and all of them seem to only be there for the pay check at the end of the day but George from Britannia was the best instructor I’ve had by a mile, he actually cares about his pupils that he teaches and wants to make sure you pass. I only had three two hour lessons with him the week of my test and a one hour lesson on the day of my test, so he didn’t have much time to prepare me for it but I have to say in them seven hours he taught me more and got me more ready than any other instructor has before even when I had over ten lessons with each of them. He spent most of the seven hours of me practicing moaning at me about the things I was doing wrong, moaning about the same things over and over again but it was only to get me ready and to give me the best chance of passing. He puts his heart and soul into making sure you pass. So I would like to say a massive thank you to George for everything he has done for me and getting me ready for my test. I passed my test this morning and I know I couldn’t have done it without George. Anyone looking for a driving instructor I would highly recommend George as he will put in the effort to make sure you are ready for it.

James Valero (20th May 2022)

My driving instructor was James Ryan. When I first started driving I was very anxious to be driving a car and how much would I need to remember. I told James that I was very anxious, and he was very understanding and patient with me. He explained everything clearly and easy to understand and was happy to help if I didn’t understand.

After I grew confidence to drive on the road, James had me learn all the basic on how to behave on the road and most importantly how to drive safely. There were times where I was frustrated with myself stalling, but James was always there to help and encourage me that everything was fine and to just take it slow and easy.

James helped me prepare for the driving test, taking me on difficult roads, junctions, asking me the different questions that the examiner could potentially ask me. James very much cared about both you passing the test and for you to be a safe and great driver after the test.

All the knowledge and skills I’ve learnt from James are priceless. They will definitely help me on the road and grow to be a more experience driver.

I would definitely recommend James as a driving instructor, especially those who are very anxious to get on the road, like I was. He taught me everything I needed to know and more.

Zorana Japundza (16th May 2022)

I passed my test on 02/05 with only 1 minor. Jon F was a great instructor and set me up well for my test, helping me work on areas that I was less confident on.

Alex S (3rd May 2022)