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April 30, 2018
Don’t Rush – Take Your Time!

We are all more than likely familiar with being stuck in traffic – Whether that’s on the way to college or work, being in the rush-hour morning commute, or on the way to your summer holidays, it’s always a pain, especially if you are on a tight schedule or need to be at your destination by a certain time.

Our advice is – Don’t rush. Take your time, and make sure you continue to drive safely on your journey. Rushing makes you more likely to miss important parts of driving – Like your blind-spot check – And puts both you and others at risk.

Safe driving from Britannia!


April 27, 2018
Why Learn To Drive Before You Turn 17?

Do you want to get a head start on learning how to drive? Perhaps you wished that you had learned how to drive before you were 17? One in 5 newly qualified drivers will crash within 6 months of passing their test, but in Sweden, accident rates are slashed by 40% when drivers have lessons at an earlier age.

Here at Britannia, we offer 15-17 year olds the opportunity to learn how to drive off road, in order to build up skills and confidence in the driver, gaining an understanding into being behind the wheel before the age of 17. Off road driving lessons with a Britannia driving instructor will make learning to drive a lot less stressful, reduce anxiety and increase your confidence when you do on road driving lessons.

If this course sounds right for you, or for someone you know, check out the page here for more information!

Safe driving from Britannia!


April 26, 2018
Could You Learn To Drive An Automatic?

It’s becoming accepted in the UK for people to choose to learn to drive an automatic car rather than a manual. 40,000 of the 720,000 driving tests taken by UK learners are for automatics. This is something that Britannia offers people learning to drive, as well as offering manual lessons.

The advantages to driving an automatic are that there is no risk of stalling, no clutch control or biting point to master, or gear stick to fiddle with every time you want to change gear. The car takes care of this for you. Something that is completely different if you were learning for your manual driving test.

So when preparing to learn how to drive, give automatic lessons a think. They might just be the way forward for you.

As always, safe driving from Britannia!


April 25, 2018
Stay Safe When Driving

We know better than anyone that once you pass your test, all you want to do is go for a spin without your L plates.

Remember to always follow the instructions that your instructor has taught you over your course, and to take everything on-board that you will learn in the future. Just because you have your driving license doesn’t mean you stop learning! One in four 18-24 year olds crash within two years of passing their driving test. Please stay aware and careful when driving.

Safe driving from Britannia


April 24, 2018
Refresh Yourself On The Basics

Do you ever feel tense or intimidated when driving?  We all develop our own driving style and bad habits over time. Many of us would fail our Driving Test if we re-took it today. Driving safely and competently actually saves you money by avoiding wear and tear on the car which bad driving brings. Whether its re-learning safe driving principles or just generally increasing your confidence in driving, Refresher Courses have helped so many people throughout our time here at Britannia Driving School. All Refresher Courses are designed on an individual basis after assessment by a professional instructor.

Get back to the days when you actually got a buzz from driving!

Safe driving from Britannia.


April 23, 2018
Stay Clear of Danger

Learning to drive requires learning multiple practical and theory based skills. The Hazard Perception test forms the second section of the theory test. This test must be passed at the same time as the multiple choice part. You will be presented with a series of video clips which feature every day road scenes.

Remember to look out for potential, developing, or actual hazards, such as – hidden junctions and turns, broken down vehicles and road works, pedestrians crossing the road, or parked vehicles.

Have a look for yourself with our Hazard Perception Test Video. Other ways that might help improve looking out for hazards is to watch others driving. Keeping you eyes open while in the passenger seat can help improve your perception skills.

Safe driving from Britannia.


April 20, 2018
Previous Client Reviews

Not sure on whether you should start driving with Britannia Driving School? To help you make your decision we have asked our lovely customers to tell us what they think about our School.

Here are some recent reviews:
“I cannot thank John O and the Britannia Driving School enough, I just passed my practical driving test first time with only five faults! My instructor was incredibly detailed and encouraging throughout my entire learning process and I would 100% recommend him to anyone wishing to learn.” – James Penfold – Wimbledon, London (10th April 2018)

“I have been learning to drive with keeran he is a lovely man I really recommend him he is a very good driving instructor” – Liam Coughlan – Kingston-Upon- Thames (10th April 2018)

To view more reviews and too speak to our experts click here.

Britannia have knowledgeable instructors and team who will ensure that you have a successful experience and we hope too see you soon.
Tell us what you think here.

Safe driving from Britannia.



April 19, 2018
Good Offers & Gift Vouchers

Can’t find a decent driving school for the money? Come and contact us at Britannia Driving School. If you’re looking for a good deal you’re here, we have a variety of ways you can learn in a way which suites you.

We have an online shop where you can purchase high quality books from either a learner or instructor point of view. As well as Britannia have gift vouchers available, this is a great idea to buy someone who needs support and is an ideal gift.

There is a price list for manual and automatic cars so please have a look and why not buy a friend a lesson. There are no extra charges for evening and weekends.

Safe driving from Britannia.



April 18, 2018
Worried About Being A Non UK Driver?

If you have never driven in Britain before, it is a good idea to take a refresher driving course with us to familiarise yourself with the road systems and traffic signs. Have a look at our lessons and prices.

Subject to certain conditions, you can drive in the UK for 12 months with a valid driving licence issued in another country, and age requirement of 17 years.

Here is a customer’s comment:

“I did not feel confident driving on the left hand side of the road when I first came to the UK from Hungary. Motorway driving and roundabouts were bewildering. I took a course of lessons with Britannia Driving School to gain confidence and experience in a dual-controlled car. The driving went a long way to make my driving in the UK more confident and enjoyable.” Mrs G C Kajel.

For further details into this click the link.

Safe Driving from Britannia.


April 17, 2018
Tips You Need To Know – Eco Driving

Would you consider buying an ‘eco friendly’ vehicle? Eco driving is becoming more and more popular as research in the UK has shown that eco driving can save between 5 and 17 percent of fuel – and also cut emissions.

In a eco friendly car, you keep the CO2 emissions down and positively, with eco driving, you’re not creating unnecessary pollution. A few tips for eco driving:

-Use the air conditioning sparingly.

-When you start the engine, don’t keep it idling to heat up the engine. This wastes fuel and should not be necessary if you drive off gently and smoothly.

-Most effective way of eco driving: consider car-sharing for some journeys.

Britannia Driving Schools instructors are fully trained and experienced in safe eco driving so as us any questions. If you care about the environment and your car you should definitely have a think about changing.

Safe driving from Britannia.