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Britannia Driving Schools Advanced Driving Course

The Britannia Driving School’s Advanced Driving Course has been formulated to suit any qualified driver looking to achieve a higher level of safe driving skill. On the conclusion of the course, candidates will take an Advanced driving Test.

What is the Advanced Driving Test?

This is a test devised and administered by the IAM (Institute of Advanced Motoring) and RoSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents). Each organisation has a slightly different test, and both have an annual membership fee.

The IAM is a charitable organisation set up to improve driving standards voluntarily. Its tests are ungraded and marked pass or fail. Once you pass, you are an Advanced Driver for life.

RoSPA is also a charity and mainly concerned, as its name suggests, with promoting road safety. It has 3 grades: Bronze, Silver and Gold. You must re-take the Advanced Driving Test every 3 years to improve or maintain your standard.

How do I know I’m eligible to take the Advanced Driving Test?

To undertake the Advanced Driving Test, either course, you must hold a full UK driving licence. It is usually recommended that you should have this for 12 months.

Is there a lower age limit for the Advanced Driving Test?

No, as long as you have a full licence for 12 months. Newly-qualified drivers, who tend to be in the younger age group, can benefit by taking the test before they develop ingrained bad habits. Start as you mean to go on. Older drivers benefit from the refresher-type parts of the course, being reminded of old skills as well as developing new ones. Someone who has been driving for, say, 20 years, faces very different road conditions to the ones that existed when he or she took the first test.

Is the Advanced Driving Test the same as Pass Plus?

No: that test certainly improves your driving, but is mainly to help you prove you are a better-than-average driver for insurance companies that take part in the Pass Plus scheme. Also, it is examined by an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI).

Is the Advanced Driving Test difficult?

It certainly is aimed at taking your road handling, awareness and driving technique to a higher level, but with a specially qualified Britannia Driving School instructor, the Advanced Driving Test is within reach of most drivers. Many of Britannia Driving School instructors are registered by the IAM or RoSPA, but this is not strictly necessary. A Britannia instructor who knows and understands the requirements can help you through.

What form does the Advanced Driving Test take?

Usually it is a practical test of 1 – 1½ hours with someone who holds a Police Advanced Driving Certificate. He or she will often be a current or retired Class 1 Police Driver.

It covers the main areas of Roadcraft and will include town, country and motorway driving. There will be manoeuvres and questions from the Highway Code. You may be asked to give a commentary as you drive (unless these impacts on you’re driving in a bad way). This is to show you are aware of what is going on around you and any possible hazards to avoid.

Do I get a new licence to show I’ve passed the Advanced Driving Test?

No. You do not have to send your current licence to the DVLA. It’s a test, not a licence, and it is not recorded on your existing licence. In fact, you are not allowed to do anything more (e.g. exemption from speed limits) than any other driver.

What are the benefits of taking the Advanced Driving Test?

These may not seem immediately obvious, but there are many: you are a better driver, with less likelihood of causing or having an accident, driving in such a way as to more deeply understand your vehicle, the roads, and other road-users. Better driving also means cheaper driving as you will be aware of the fuel economy measures you can take to make the petrol last longer. (See the section on Eco Driving ). Building on your existing skills, you will enjoy driving more, and make it a safer activity for you and everyone around you. With more confidence and improved vehicle handling you will be a more efficient driver, save fuel and your passengers and other drivers will love you!

What does the Britannia Driving School’s Advance Driving Course entail?

Candidates will start with an initial assessment session, which is designed to assess your level of ability for either IAM or RoSPA advanced test. From this assessment, your training needs will be determined. The training will be designed to improve your driving performance and increase your readiness to take the IAM or RoSPA advanced test

How much will the Britannia Advanced Driving Course cost?

The number of lessons you will need to pass the Advanced Driving test will depend on your level of ability. A driver with average driving ability would require around a 6 hour course. At the end of the initial assessment your Instructor would be able to advice on the on number of hours you will require to pass the Advanced Driving Test (IAM or RoSPA).

Your investment for a 6 hour course would be £149.70 (£24.95 per hour) in a manual car and £155.70 (£25.95 per hour) in an automatic car.

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