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August 25, 2008
London traffic wardens told to be friendlier

It is common fact than mainly every motorist has a disliking towards traffic wardens.
They seem to ticket us in the most awkward situations but what we need to realise is that they are only doing their jobs.

In an attempt to improve their reputation with British motorists and London ones in particular they have been prompted to now give directions, help the elderly with shopping, report missing man hole covers and absurdly give some motorists a second chance before issuing tickets.

Britain’s biggest employer of traffic wardens have ordered operatives to only issue tickets as a very last resort.

The prompt is being fully backed by Westminster Council, which states that they are trying to radically reduce the number of tickets distributed and to make life easier for both motorists and parking services.

To do this the wardens will have to attend customer service seminars, which will aid them in carrying out their duties with a more friendly approach. This method has been undertaken by Lambeth Council as well who will even go as far as fining wardens if they do not adhere to the more politer rule. They will be tested by undercover motorists who are secretly working with Councils and in some cases will act erratic just to test if the warden takes appropriate action in a pleasant manner.

Overall, this would be in favour of motorists especially in London where the system has already been implemented and hopefully will reduce public negativity towards the traffic wardens, but remember that if you are parking somewhere check to see if you are allowed to, before you do so.


August 21, 2008
Young men more likely to have drink driving accident

According to a national survey, one in five teenagers admitted to drink driving and one in fourteen admitted to being intoxicated with drugs whilst behind the steering wheel. This shocking figure has moved the government in pursuing to dramatically cut down the number by cultivating ways to hinder this.

The research comprised of asking these questions to 3,118 teenagers aged 17 and 18. The study also found that a third of these teenagers have been passengers in a vehicle where the driver has been under the influence of drink or drugs.

Government figures show, on average, three teenagers aged 17 or 18 are killed or seriously injured in vehicle crashes in the UK every day!

Teenagers need to be made more aware of catastrophic consequences that can occur behind the wheel when under the influence of substances.

The statistics also stated that young men are more likely to be involved in drink-drive incidents in comparison to any other age group.

A £3 million campaign specifically aimed at young men and drink driving has now been launched after 11 months of extensive research. More time will now also be spent on how to improve the current training that Police get to tackle drink driving so they can target the matter more significantly.


August 18, 2008
Random breath tests are queued to crackdown on drink driving!

Police are urging ministers for the power to undertake random breath tests on motorists in a ploy to cut the number of drink driving offences.

At present, police officers are only authorized to breathalyse motorists if a vehicle is being driven erratically or a motoring offence has been embarked.

This comes at the same time as figures analysing drink driving statistics revealed that women are now the bigger offenders with more than 50 percent of females admitting this kind of offence or being caught for this wrongdoing.

On the other hand, the Government plan to lower the drink-driving limit from 80mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood down to 50mg.

A lower limit for drivers under 21 has been rejected because of concerns it could be deemed implicit of approval for older drivers to drink.

Hopefully this plan for random drink driving tests goes ahead and makes Britain’s road’s safer and the prison’s less full. Britannia driving School constantly employ safe driving and never condone instructors, pupils and general staff to be intoxicated with alcohol or any other substance.


August 14, 2008
Night driving

For a new driver, experiencing different driving situations can sometimes be a little daunting. However, it is all about safe practice and correct procedure. One driving situation a driver will experience at least once in their life is night driving. This term refers to driving a vehicle in the late evening or night time when there is low or no daylight. Night driving can be dangerous, so it is vital you are fully prepared before commencing a journey.

The first thing to check is that you are able to see adequately. If you have, poor eyesight then ensure you are wearing your correct eye aid. Then if you are leaving a brightly lit building then make sure you allow your eyes time to adjust to the darkness of night. Guarantee that your window shield is clear both of the interior and exterior of your vehicle.

Before commencing, check to see if your car lights are all working appropriately. The headlights should work in both positions – main beam and dip. When you are travelling along a dimly lit or dark road use your high beams if there is little traffic. In a town, roads that are well lit up and main roads utilise your dipped lights.

Also do not drive if you are feeling tired in anyway, as fatigue is potentially very dangerous. We at Britannia Driving School train our learner drivers to take the correct procedures and night driving is one of the main aspects we cover.


August 11, 2008
New Drivers beware of point system

Points are issued on a driving licence to act as a deterrent and to make the driver realise that breaking motorist laws will not be condoned. Points are very easily issued to anyone who is deemed breaking the law this is because drivers who are not law abiding are evidently putting their own and the lives of others at great danger. When points are issued, they are usually issued in 3 points or more. When a driver has received 12 points, they will automatically loose their driving licence.

Many people are not actually aware that a new driver is actually on probation for two years following the passing of the practical and theoretical driving test. Within this period, if a driver manages to collect a maximum of 6 points they will actually loose their licence and will have to retake both of their tests. We recommend that as a new driver you ensure you are law abiding and safe and these are two practices that we fully utilise through our driving lessons. For further information, please see our inside pages.


August 5, 2008
Don’t text and drive

Like drunk driving using, a mobile is also a major offence, which can result in fatal consequences. The Law does not condone any use of a mobile, may this be talking or texting. Earlier this year a motorist received a custodial sentence for killing a cyclist when they were texting whilst driving. In another case a 25-year-old woman was succumbed to a four year sentence after her passenger, a small girl suffered a fatal head injury when she was again texting whilst driving. Britannia Driving school would like to remind all drivers that it is vital you do not use a mobile phone until you are safely parked and to also think whether that text or call you want to make is really worth a life and a prison sentence!


August 1, 2008
CCTV to issue parking tickets

It is a pain when you receive a ticket but at the end of the day, you have to remember it is the law and you are only issued a ticket if you are illegally parked or not following specific guidelines. The parking restrictions that are in place are generally used to help the flow of traffic and keep some kind of travel control.

From now on, the tickets issued for parking illegally can be issued in a completely different way. The process of a parking attendant handing you a formal ticket could be something of the past. CCTV cameras are now being utilised to hunt drivers who stop on a yellow line even if this is only for a few minutes. The CCTV will take a Photograph and then a ticket is sent to the driver through the post.