March 19, 2012


A van driver from South Shields pinned a traffic warden against railings whilst dropping off his former partner’s daughters to school.

Mr Bowmaker decided to drive the girls to school after they missed their bus, but did not consider the fact he had been drinking the night before. He was found to be more than twice the drink drive limit.

He had pulled up outside the school in his large goods vehicle and was attempting to manoeuvre it to get a better look at the children entering the school premises. A traffic warden was on the path in front of Mr Bowmaker when he pinned between the van and the school railings.

The warden has banged on the side of the van at which point Mr Bowmaker continued to reverse and then drive off. He was later arrested at home.

Stuart Graham, defending, said: “It was a momentary misjudgement at low speed. There had been complaints about traffic wardens being increasingly zealous about anyone who stopped in that area. It was a dangerous place for the warden to stand.”

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