March 29, 2012

Bus Drivers Have More To Do Than Just Driving at Times.

A rare act of human intelligence coated with kindness and presence of mind! Simon Fisher who was driving between Southbourne and Bournemouth encountered an unpleasant incident on the bus. A passenger pulled his arm after asking him to stop the bus in the middle of nowhere. It was not the right place to stop the bus. Simon reacted carefully and pulled off the bus to ensure the safety of all the passengers. He said: “What I did was to try to look after him, look after my passengers and look after myself”.

The fellow passengers were all praise for Simon. One of the passengers said, “The driver remained so calm through the incident and even after being attacked”. Derek Lott, MD of the Yellow Buses said: I am extremely proud of Simon for the calm and collected way  he handled a very disturbing, and no doubt, traumatic situation. It would not be wrong to say that anything could have happened in the heat of moment. The bus drivers come across different types of people every single day. They need to handle tricky situations well. It is a part of the job. There are many responsibilities of being a bus driver in the modern society.

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