March 22, 2012

Litter Summit: A change is about to happen soon.

There are millions spent annually to clean and clear major roads across the country. It is the right time to understand that littering is a ‘criminal offence’. The situation has grown into a serious problem or threat. The Highways Agency calculates that it takes 700,000 bin bags to fill in the rubbish thrown out on the roads. These figures present the real-time situation. Caroline Spelman, the Environment Secretary, is heading the movement. The local authorities in London would be given the authority to impose fine, if anybody is caught doing that. This would bring a sense of awareness among people. The driver should be held responsible for any such incident.

The research conducted by Keep Britain Tidy has found that 23 percent admitted to throwing stuff out of the car windows. Isn’t it a bit embarrassing? The idea is to make people think twice before doing it. The question is that why do people litter when they can simply keep it in a bag or throw it once they reach home. What is so urgent about it? The proposed changes have a deeper message than just grabbing space in the national newspapers.

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