March 28, 2012


With a strike by fuel tanker drivers imminent, David Cameron is trying to resolve issues before it causes mass disruption.

Cameron has said there is “absolutely no justification” for the strike action. There are issues that the employees are concerned about and the strike could be avoided if both sides could negotiate. He did say however, that he would be chairing a meeting of Cobra, his emergency committee today to co-ordinate contingency plans.

He warned drivers that there was no need to queue excessively to buy fuel, but there was no harm for the public to top up their tanks in they could over the next few days. However, Cabinet Office Minister, Francis Maude went further, suggesting drivers keep a bit of extra fuel in a jerry can.

However, ministers have been criticised for their advice that drivers should stock up as this leads to panic-buying and could inevitably lead to a shortage of fuel even before the strike begins. This in turn could affect hospitals, schools and garages.

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