March 27, 2012

Eyes On the Road campaign.

The Eyecare Trust is driving back people to safety by getting their eyesight checked. It was suggested earlier that almost nine million people have poor vision standards to drive safely on the roads. It raises an alarming bell. The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) has set minimum sight standards for everyone. Do you have roadworthy vision? It should be answered in affirmative by one and all. The ‘Eyes On The Road campaign’ is looking to educate citizens about it. The Sheffield Heeley MP Meg Munn is also supporting the social cause. It has a bigger objective than just finding out the flaws in the existing system.

Ms. Munn has positive things to say about it: Everyone’s eyesight naturally deteriorates with age, so it’s crucial to get your sight checked regularly.

The primary objective is to spread awareness. People who are suffering from poor vision  are susceptible to fall victim to road accidents. We can save ourselves by taking proper care of our eyes. It is just not limited to driving alone. These steps are meant to bring overall changes in the neighborhood society. It requires a mass movement to eradicate the weak links and loophole in any system. The present campaign is also looking to do something similar along the lines.

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