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December 9, 2008
Steer Clear Of Illegal Driving Instructors

The environment minister Sammy Wilson has given a clear message to the public to steer clear of illegal driving instructors.
Mr Wilson strongly recommended that it was not in the interest of a learner to use an illegal driving instructor as they do not have the necessary qualifications to teach, may not have the correct level of insurance and will not have undergone the thorough criminal records checks required.

It is important for learners to properly check the credentials of a potential instructor, just because they are advertising in the local paper, have L plates on their cars or have dual control fitted does not mean they are qualified ADI’s.
Learners should ask their a potential instructor for their ADI certificate or trainee licence, which is provided from the DSA. It is also worth noting the expiry date on these licences to ensure it is still valid.


December 5, 2008
The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) Consultation Paper: Introducing the New Practical Motorcycling Test and Associated fees.

The proposals in the Paper relate to the splitting of the practical motorcycling test into two modular tests and the practical motorcycling test fees from 5th October 2009.

Who will be affected by the changes?
The proposals principally affect individual candidates preparing to undertake a practical motorcycling/moped test and their trainers.

Summary of Main Proposals sent to Britannia Driving SchoolsThe DSA propose to:


• Divide the practical motorcycling test into two modules:
Module 1: Specified manoeuvres test
Module 2: Road riding test

• Split the current £80 motorcycling test fee as follows:
Module 1: £10.00
Module 2: £70.00

• Require motorcycling candidates to pass a module 1 test before taking the module 2 test.

• Require candidates to complete both modules within 24 months of passing a relevant theory test.

• Introduce a minimum wait after failed tests before retaking the test:
Module 1: 3 clear working days
Module 2: 10 clear working days

• Increase from 5th October 2009 the fee for the practical motorcycling test to £90.50. I modular testing is introduced this would be split as follows:
Module 1: £15.50
Module 2: £75.00

Are you a motorcycling/moped trainer or candidate? How will you be affected by these changes? What are your thoughts on the DSA PROPOSAL? Send us your views using the comments link below:


December 1, 2008
2025: The year of electric cars

Britain’s currently generate the equivalent of 10-12 tons of CO2 annually per person, approximately 700 tons in total per year. Targets set out in a 500 page report which details what Britain must do to achieve an 80% fall in carbon emissions (around 2 tons per person), it was stated that motorists must get rid of their dependence on internal combustion engine and switch in large numbers to vehicles powered by electricity, hydrogen and other low or zero emission fuels.

This 2 tons per person (around 12lb per day) would not be possible with today’s current combustible engines. The average family car emits 11-13lb of carbon emissions in around 25 miles of driving. Professor Julia King, a committee member believes we could see cars that emit 50% less emissions than today’s by 2025. These cars would be based on hybrid engines (both electrical and internal combustion), which is definitely a step in the right direction.