December 1, 2008

2025: The year of electric cars

Britain’s currently generate the equivalent of 10-12 tons of CO2 annually per person, approximately 700 tons in total per year. Targets set out in a 500 page report which details what Britain must do to achieve an 80% fall in carbon emissions (around 2 tons per person), it was stated that motorists must get rid of their dependence on internal combustion engine and switch in large numbers to vehicles powered by electricity, hydrogen and other low or zero emission fuels.

This 2 tons per person (around 12lb per day) would not be possible with today’s current combustible engines. The average family car emits 11-13lb of carbon emissions in around 25 miles of driving. Professor Julia King, a committee member believes we could see cars that emit 50% less emissions than today’s by 2025. These cars would be based on hybrid engines (both electrical and internal combustion), which is definitely a step in the right direction.

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