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Sunday Driving

With the weekend ready to commence, many of us may be opting to leave the car behind as we enjoy our nights out, or otherwise may have become the designated driver for the group! As long as you remember to refrain from drinking when behind the wheel, you have made the right choice. Either way, [...]


New Safety Measures On French Roads

France has introduced a range of road safety measures including the lowering of the driving age and drink-drive limits. Twenty-six measures have been introduced including the lower of the driving age to 15 from the current age of 16. Following the probationary period, the driving test can now be taken at 17 and a half [...]


Driver Filmed Speeding With Child Passenger

Mert Tanay, from Enfield, was filmed by police in an unmarked police car weaving in and out of traffic on the M20 in Kent, overtaking officers and then reaching a maximum speed of 140mph. However, not only was Tanay speeding but when police officers pulled him over at Junction 9 at Ashford he was found [...]


Used Car Test Driving Tips

In the modern world, many of us will choose not to opt for a brand-new car straight from the forecourt, instead going for the much more financially friendly option of a used car. However, whilst buying a previously-owned car does have its advantages, there are a few things you need to watch out for when [...]