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Older Drivers And Texting

When we think of drivers and texting, it is easy to think of younger drivers and it is usually the case that young drivers are singled out as being the most reckless on the roads. Elderly drivers have also recently been the subject of much debate, with many arguing that they should be required to [...]


Used Cars – Get to Know

Many drivers, particularly those that are new to the roads, will not be able to afford a brand new car immediately, and so will opt for the choice of buying a second hand car from a private seller. But what do you need to know when buying a car? – Has the car been in [...]


Staying Safe Over Christmas

Firstly, merry Christmas! We’re guessing you’re in the full swing of things by now and if you haven’t got your Christmas presents sorted — you’ve still got a few more days, but do hurry! In the spirit of Christmas, and you know we’re not the ones to dampen any spirits but, we are, as you [...]


Petrol Vs Diesel – The Debate

Many myths persists about the advantages and disadvantages of driving diesel cars over petrol and vice versa, but what are the facts? Car Cost - Diesel cars can cost more to purchase than their petrol equivalents, by as much as £1000 – £2000. However, this will pay off in the long run if you drive more [...]