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New Drug Driving Laws

New drug driving laws that came into effect yesterday have been causing lots of controversy across the UK. The laws, which aim to cut down on drivers using illegal drugs before getting behind the wheel, are leaving many legitimate and prescription drug-takers scratching their heads wondering whether they are still fit to drive. The new [...]


Worst Case of Speeding

A motorist has been caught driving at 128mph in a 30mph zone in East Grinstead, West Sussex. This has been called the worst case of speeding; it would be bad enough on the motorway, let alone on a 30mph road. Research found that people are far more likely to admit to speeding on the motorway, [...]


Driving Theory Test Tips

When most people think about passing the driving test, they most likely think straight away of the practical driving test. After all, this is probably the most nerve-racking part of the entire experience of learning to drive! However one milestone that many seem to overlook is the Theory test. This is just as important as [...]


Forced Into Tight Parking Spot

A mother was forced to wait 30 minutes before the driver of the Audi parked next to her returned since he has parked so close she couldn’t get in. Stephanie Adams had parked her white Vauxhall Corsa at the Lace Market car park in Nottingham but when she returned she found a navy blue Audi [...]