Eight Most Asked Questions About Obtaining A Licence

 How old do I have to be to apply for a Provisional Driving Licence?
 What is the minimum age for taking the Theory and Practical Tests?
 Can I start driving lessons before passing my Theory Test?
 How much do the Theory and Driving Tests cost?
 Where can I take my Theory test in London, Surrey and Middlesex?
 Where can I take my Practical test in London, Surrey and Middlesex?
 Waiting times for Driving Test appointments?
 How long will it take to learn to drive and pass the Driving Test?

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Back to School Driving Tips

That time of year has rolled around again – the Autumn has approached without warning, bringing with it the synonymous wet weather and hazardous driving conditions. Most important of these is to recognise that as the summer draws to a close, the “back-to-school” period will soon be back in full swing, and so you will [...]


Careless Driving On The Motorway

According to a survey carried out, 52% of drivers admit to being middle lane hogs, a year after new laws were brought in to stop it. Young drivers are the most likely to admit to this habit with 41% admitting to sticking in lane two. They were also least likely to be able to correctly [...]


Many Unaware Of The Abolition Of The Tax Disc

Paper tax discs are due to be abolished from 1st October and be replaced by electronic records, however, many drivers are at risk of fines because they have had insufficient warning of this by the government. Fewer than half of drivers are aware of the changes, which prevent the discs being passed to new owners [...]


Safety Inside The Car

Whilst there is a lot of material published online in regards to ensuring your driving is safe, and that your vehicle is fully prepared for any journey and to cope with any possible weather conditions, very little has been mentioned about the safety of the driver and passengers inside the car. For example, seat belts [...]