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Staying Safe Over Christmas

Firstly, merry Christmas! We’re guessing you’re in the full swing of things by now and if you haven’t got your Christmas presents sorted — you’ve still got a few more days, but do hurry! In the spirit of Christmas, and you know we’re not the ones to dampen any spirits but, we are, as you [...]


Petrol Vs Diesel – The Debate

Many myths persists about the advantages and disadvantages of driving diesel cars over petrol and vice versa, but what are the facts? Car Cost - Diesel cars can cost more to purchase than their petrol equivalents, by as much as £1000 – £2000. However, this will pay off in the long run if you drive more [...]


Legal Battle Over Smart Parking

Vanessa Price, the owner of a Smart car, was fined £50 for parking at a right angle to the kerb in an on-street parking bay. Although the ability of Smart cars, which are less than 9ft long, to fit into small spaces at right angles to the pavement is well known, and a unique selling [...]


Drug-Driving Law

Following Scotland’s new drink-drive limit, England is set to follow with a similar limit. However, before this happens, a new offence is to be introduced into English law on 2nd March 2015 of drug driving. Drug Driving is a term that has been referred to more regularly in recent years and there has been slow [...]