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The Driving Test – What Do I Need?

The driving test is, for many, one of the more nerve-racking experiences of our lives. There is just so much to remember – Seat-belt, Gears, Handbrake, Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre – the whole process can be really daunting. With so much to remember, it is no surprise that on occasions more often than you would think, [...]


Towed Away After Racking Up £14k in fines

A Mercedes left in a multi-storey car park for three years has finally been removed after racking up more than £14,000 in parking tickets. The car had been sitting in the Broadway Plaza sheltered parking area in Birmingham city centre for so long a two inch layer of dust covered the car. The black Mercedes [...]


PMs Banned From Driving?

It may have come as a surprise to some people when David Cameron revealed that he hasn’t driven a car in four and a half years. He is not allowed to drive for security reasons. The declaration of war in 1939 was the event that changed ministers’ travel habits. Before this, only the home secretary [...]


New Drug Driving Laws

New drug driving laws that came into effect yesterday have been causing lots of controversy across the UK. The laws, which aim to cut down on drivers using illegal drugs before getting behind the wheel, are leaving many legitimate and prescription drug-takers scratching their heads wondering whether they are still fit to drive. The new [...]