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Driving Tests Across The Globe

For many learner drivers the prospect of taking your driving test might fill you with a sense of dread and anxiety – However this feeling is not limited to the UK. Across the entire world, the test is feared, and if you lived in these other Countries, you might be able to see why. In [...]


Test Changes Update

Late last year we wrote of the Practical Test undergoing some changes which will see the Turn in the Road being dropped. There are now further updates on these changes. Both the Turn in the Road and the Reverse Round the Corner are to be scrapped from the practical test. The independent drive will last [...]


Rise Of Impersonators Sitting Tests

More and more learners are turning to fraud to help them pass their practical test. It is clear that the process of learning to drive and taking the test has proved too much to handle for some and they are now turning to impersonators to take the test for them Figures released from a Freedom [...]


Learner Drivers Caught Cheating

It has been revealed that more and more learner drivers are attempting to fraudulently pass their driving and theory tests – by hiring lookalikes to take their place! With almost 700 cases reported in the last 8 months, it seems that the issue is on the rise, although this has been refuted by the DVSA [...]