Eight Most Asked Questions About Obtaining A Licence

 How old do I have to be to apply for a Provisional Driving Licence?
 What is the minimum age for taking the Theory and Practical Tests?
 Can I start driving lessons before passing my Theory Test?
 How much do the Theory and Driving Tests cost?
 Where can I take my Theory test in London, Surrey and Middlesex?
 Where can I take my Practical test in London, Surrey and Middlesex?
 Waiting times for Driving Test appointments?
 How long will it take to learn to drive and pass the Driving Test?

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Winter-Proof Your Car

We are all surely feeling the oncoming effects of the slowly approaching winter – the drop in temperature, the darker mornings, the weather gradually becoming foggier and wetter as the days go on. And there is no place you are likely to feel the effects of the winter season more so than in your car [...]


Drink-Driving Stories

Drink-driving is a significant concern and being convicted of drink-driving will attract strict penalties as well as everyday consequences such as job loss and higher insurance premiums Though this is a serious matter, there have certainly been some unusual stories involving drink-driving, the most amusing of which we have listed below: – One man who [...]


Device That Detects Texting Whilst Driving

A company based in Virginia, United States, have designed a gun which can detect the frequency of a text message, phone call or data transfer. As the law stands in the UK, you can get an automatic fixed penalty notice if you’re caught using a hand-held phone while driving or riding. You’ll get 3 penalty [...]


Clash Between RAC and DVLA over Tax Disc

The tax disc is set to be replaced by an electronic system on 1st October. This has caused a clash between RAC and DVLA. The RAC has claimed that the change will result in extra tax evasion amounting to about £167million a year. They recently conducted a survey which suggested that 36% of motorists were [...]