December 9, 2008

Steer Clear Of Illegal Driving Instructors

The environment minister Sammy Wilson has given a clear message to the public to steer clear of illegal driving instructors.
Mr Wilson strongly recommended that it was not in the interest of a learner to use an illegal driving instructor as they do not have the necessary qualifications to teach, may not have the correct level of insurance and will not have undergone the thorough criminal records checks required.

It is important for learners to properly check the credentials of a potential instructor, just because they are advertising in the local paper, have L plates on their cars or have dual control fitted does not mean they are qualified ADI’s.
Learners should ask their a potential instructor for their ADI certificate or trainee licence, which is provided from the DSA. It is also worth noting the expiry date on these licences to ensure it is still valid.

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