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April 22, 2024

Motorists Face Lifetime Ban


Motorists could be facing a lifetime ban from driving if campaigners get their way.

Campaigner’s have launched a campaign for a new law to be brought in that would mean any alcohol and drug offenders would be banned from driving for life.

They are calling for “zero approach” to be taken.

Neil Carney set up a new Parliament petition, calling for any motorists convicted of a drink or drug offence to be struck off permanently. The poll must reach 10,000 signatures to get an official response from the Government. Meanwhile, 100,000 signatures will ensure the survey is considered for debate in Parliament among MPs and lawmakers.

The current deadline to submit signatures is June 15 meaning motorists have exactly two months to take action.

He expressed that cracking down on offenders and revoking their licence would in turn discourage others to not commit the same offence’s. He urged that previous offenders pose a “severe threat” to the safety of others.


In some cases, GOV.UK warns motorists could face custodial sentences including possible “life imprisonment” if someone is killed.