April 17, 2018

Tips You Need To Know – Eco Driving

Would you consider buying an ‘eco friendly’ vehicle? Eco driving is becoming more and more popular as research in the UK has shown that eco driving can save between 5 and 17 percent of fuel – and also cut emissions.

In a eco friendly car, you keep the CO2 emissions down and positively, with eco driving, you’re not creating unnecessary pollution. A few tips for eco driving:

-Use the air conditioning sparingly.

-When you start the engine, don’t keep it idling to heat up the engine. This wastes fuel and should not be necessary if you drive off gently and smoothly.

-Most effective way of eco driving: consider car-sharing for some journeys.

Britannia Driving Schools instructors are fully trained and experienced in safe eco driving so as us any questions. If you care about the environment and your car you should definitely have a think about changing.

Safe driving from Britannia.