July 27, 2011


As the summer holidays are upon us, parents need to watch the pennies and make them stretch even further.

Many families will be holidaying in the UK and using their car, so how can drivers save money whilst driving.

Firstly watch your speed, fuel consumption increases dramatically with speed. Give yourself plenty of time to reach your destination and factor in breaks if necessary.
Check your tyre pressure, underinflated tyres are extremely dangerous and will also increase fuel consumption.

Reduce your weight, we don’t mean you need to go on a diet but roof racks or overloaded boots will increase fuel consumption by around 25%. Consider what you are taking with you, is there anything you can leave behind.

It’s not just about reducing fuel consumption but in order to reduce severe headaches, our advice is to avoid travelling at peak times and weekends if possible, traffic jams will increase the amount of fuel used but also irritate drivers and passengers alike, especially the excited kids in the back of the car.

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