November 19, 2012


Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin is looking for new ways of reducing road deaths involving newly qualified drivers.

Statistics from The Association of British Insurers show that 17-24 year olds are responsible for a disproportionately high number of accidents on our roads, despite the fact that under 25s form only one in eight of all car drivers.

Insurers believe that peer pressure leads young drivers to take risks, this along with a lack of experience they have and various other distractions.

There is a suggestion to restrict new drivers who have passed their test less than nine months to carry passengers. How realistic this would be is yet to be seen and they would have to make it very clear as to whether it is no passengers full stop or if family members can be in the car or just one friend etc.

Other countries have adopted such measures and seen results so there is no reason why we cannot look at changing rules for newly qualified drivers. Not everyone will follow the law but imposing new policies/laws and encouraging people to follow them we should hopefully see results.

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