November 20, 2012

Social Media

We all love taking pictures. It may not be pictures of ourselves–though there’s nothing wrong in that–it could be pictures of a beautiful landscape, the light blue ocean or the most dazzling sunset. Oh, and of course, we like to take pictures of our cars. Again, there’s nothing wrong in that.

But when do you take the pictures of your car. Do you take pictures when you are outside of the car? Do you take the passengers when you are in the passenger seat? Or, is it when you’re driving?

Taking pictures when driving is as bad as using your phone when driving. Please don’t.

With the emergence of social media we are all keen to share things with others. One things is our driving experiences, and one of the ways people are doing this is taking videos or pictures whilst driving.

There are any number of people doing this such as, the England cricketer Craig Kieswetter who took a picture of himself driving at 90mph and then uploaded it on twitter. In another case, a driver took a video of himself driving over 120mph and uploaded it onto YouTube.

Just remember that when you are driving be safe, don’t use your phone.

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