November 30, 2012


Dean Wilson’s son Matthew aged just 21 years old was killed two years ago when his car hit a tree. Mr Wilson and his daughter Hannah want to raise awareness of drink-driving as this was one of the factors that lead to Matthew’s accident.

The drink-drive campaign this Christmas will target younger drivers, as figures show 20-24 year olds failed more breath tests than any other group.

By using the actual car Matthew was killed in as an emotive tool to show people the effects of drink driving, they hope that the shocking image will help to promote safer driving and encourage people to think before they drink drive.

The dangerous mixture of thinking you are in control and feeling fine but having drunk alcohol, increases the chance of risk taking, can cause blurriness and make what is already considered a difficult task more difficult.

People of all ages tend to drink exceptionally more over the Christmas period and people that may not normally drink will have a tipple of two to celebrate.

Police urge drivers to be vigilant and plan how you are getting home when out on Christmas dos. It is also important that drivers are aware of their blood alcohol levels the morning after too.

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