November 29, 2012

Morning Drive

The drive to work in the morning whether it be to work or to drop the children off at school, is important for how we feel the rest of the day.

If we get off to a terrible start is sometimes has an effect on the rest of our day. Apart from trying to keep your cool when someone cuts you up or pulls over into your lane, what can you do?

I suggest having some good audio going on the in background. Now, I’m not saying that you have to start playing some Deepak Chopra –though he is very good! –but I find that listening to some relaxing music first thing in the morning helps. This could be audio book, some soothing music or a talk on Radio 4.

It’s important to be alert but relaxed when you are in the car and starting off your day in this fashion always, I find, helps. This doesn’t of course excuse poor driving. But when you are relaxed and prepared, you won’t let someone’s poor driving ruin you day.

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