August 21, 2008

Young men more likely to have drink driving accident

According to a national survey, one in five teenagers admitted to drink driving and one in fourteen admitted to being intoxicated with drugs whilst behind the steering wheel. This shocking figure has moved the government in pursuing to dramatically cut down the number by cultivating ways to hinder this.

The research comprised of asking these questions to 3,118 teenagers aged 17 and 18. The study also found that a third of these teenagers have been passengers in a vehicle where the driver has been under the influence of drink or drugs.

Government figures show, on average, three teenagers aged 17 or 18 are killed or seriously injured in vehicle crashes in the UK every day!

Teenagers need to be made more aware of catastrophic consequences that can occur behind the wheel when under the influence of substances.

The statistics also stated that young men are more likely to be involved in drink-drive incidents in comparison to any other age group.

A £3 million campaign specifically aimed at young men and drink driving has now been launched after 11 months of extensive research. More time will now also be spent on how to improve the current training that Police get to tackle drink driving so they can target the matter more significantly.

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