August 25, 2008

London traffic wardens told to be friendlier

It is common fact than mainly every motorist has a disliking towards traffic wardens.
They seem to ticket us in the most awkward situations but what we need to realise is that they are only doing their jobs.

In an attempt to improve their reputation with British motorists and London ones in particular they have been prompted to now give directions, help the elderly with shopping, report missing man hole covers and absurdly give some motorists a second chance before issuing tickets.

Britain’s biggest employer of traffic wardens have ordered operatives to only issue tickets as a very last resort.

The prompt is being fully backed by Westminster Council, which states that they are trying to radically reduce the number of tickets distributed and to make life easier for both motorists and parking services.

To do this the wardens will have to attend customer service seminars, which will aid them in carrying out their duties with a more friendly approach. This method has been undertaken by Lambeth Council as well who will even go as far as fining wardens if they do not adhere to the more politer rule. They will be tested by undercover motorists who are secretly working with Councils and in some cases will act erratic just to test if the warden takes appropriate action in a pleasant manner.

Overall, this would be in favour of motorists especially in London where the system has already been implemented and hopefully will reduce public negativity towards the traffic wardens, but remember that if you are parking somewhere check to see if you are allowed to, before you do so.

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