August 11, 2008

New Drivers beware of point system

Points are issued on a driving licence to act as a deterrent and to make the driver realise that breaking motorist laws will not be condoned. Points are very easily issued to anyone who is deemed breaking the law this is because drivers who are not law abiding are evidently putting their own and the lives of others at great danger. When points are issued, they are usually issued in 3 points or more. When a driver has received 12 points, they will automatically loose their driving licence.

Many people are not actually aware that a new driver is actually on probation for two years following the passing of the practical and theoretical driving test. Within this period, if a driver manages to collect a maximum of 6 points they will actually loose their licence and will have to retake both of their tests. We recommend that as a new driver you ensure you are law abiding and safe and these are two practices that we fully utilise through our driving lessons. For further information, please see our inside pages.

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