August 18, 2008

Random breath tests are queued to crackdown on drink driving!

Police are urging ministers for the power to undertake random breath tests on motorists in a ploy to cut the number of drink driving offences.

At present, police officers are only authorized to breathalyse motorists if a vehicle is being driven erratically or a motoring offence has been embarked.

This comes at the same time as figures analysing drink driving statistics revealed that women are now the bigger offenders with more than 50 percent of females admitting this kind of offence or being caught for this wrongdoing.

On the other hand, the Government plan to lower the drink-driving limit from 80mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood down to 50mg.

A lower limit for drivers under 21 has been rejected because of concerns it could be deemed implicit of approval for older drivers to drink.

Hopefully this plan for random drink driving tests goes ahead and makes Britain’s road’s safer and the prison’s less full. Britannia driving School constantly employ safe driving and never condone instructors, pupils and general staff to be intoxicated with alcohol or any other substance.

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