January 24, 2012

Heavy cold can be as bad a case as drink-driving.

Have you ever thought about it before? A new study has found out that people with heavy cold or flu to be as susceptible to cause an accident as in the case of drink-driving. Strange but true! It has been scientifically proven now. It can cause a major loss in concentration while driving. It is found that people suffer from a poor reaction time and alertness as a result of heavy cold. It affects their mood directly. You can either stay at home or sit back to travel the distance. It is for your own safety than doing any kind of favour here.

It also comes as a warning to others. You can maintain safe distance from someone who is suffering from heavy cold or sneezing while driving out on the road. These researches and scientific studies are done with an objective to make our lives happier and better. It becomes our responsibility to listen to them and adhere to the instructions. The first thing to be done here is to take proper medication and recover from it completely. It wasn’t thought before that how flu or heavy cold can impair our ability to drive safely on the roads.

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