January 20, 2012

An Impending Need to Face-lift the Drug-driving Law.

Some kind of urgency must be shown here! The drug-driving law seems to favour the offenders more than the law-enforcing authorities. The reason behind is that there are no reliable methods or instruments available which can be provided for the roadside testing. The situation is changing now. This is what the Department of Transport is claiming to be! The respective authorities are accessing all the options and taking scientific view into account as well. There is still some time left before we can think of an effective policy being put into practice. There should be a zero tolerance approach towards it. There is no way that we can allow people to drive with certain amount of drugs in their bodies.

The ratio of drug-driving incidents has increased alarmingly. The burning question is that if it would be technically possible to test people and convict them in the court of law. This is the biggest hurdle. We can hope for some technical breakthrough to be made  here. It would be highly impossible to find a permanent solution without proper measures being taken in the same direction. The good part is that people have realised the gravity of situation and started thinking about it seriously.

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