January 26, 2012

Lincolnshire Police Department: Awareness lessons to be taught against using mobile phones while driving.

Lincolnshire Police department has taken a direct approach to spread awareness against using mobile phones while driving. It would start offering awareness courses to make people realise about the kind of threat it poses. The next time someone commits the mistake of not following the guidelines could be in for a surprise. They would be asked to attend classes instead of fine being imposed upon them. The sole purpose is to bring a  change in the ideology the way people look at it.
Is it worth taking the risk? No, it cannot be under any circumstances! You need to show some kind of respect and responsibility both here. Such awareness classes or sessions should be conducted with a view to change the outlook of people regarding the usage aspect of mobile phones while driving. We cannot expect them to change on their own. They should be taught a lesson in reality. It becomes somewhat necessary to take strict actions to make our roads safe and secure once again. It is a noble step taken by the Lincolnshire Police team. All the offenders must understand one thing that they are not putting their own lives at risk but also playing with other lives on the road.


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