July 26, 2012

Celebrations aren’t over.

So we enjoyed the Queen’s Jubliee, did you? It was a spectacular performance. It seemed like the whole of England came alive to honour our Queen B. The likes of Kylie Minogue, Grace Jones and Mr Tom Jones took to the stage to give show stopping performances.

But the celebrations are not over. It is the summer after all. It’s the time when we hit beer gardens and oh yea, that little event called the Olympics is happening too. We all have a lot to celebrate. It is a time to hang out with our friends and loved ones and share these summer memories together.

However, if we are going to celebrate –which we absolutely should – should then we must also be responsible. That means if we are drinking they we should not drive afterwards. Just remember, if you want to have a drink plan it so you don’t have to drive back afterwards. Opt to stay at your friend’s house or take a taxi home. It is never worth the risk.


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