July 18, 2012


ADIs…when you are called upon for your check test remain calm. Follow these few simple rules and you should be fine.

DO let the DSA know if you cannot make the date issued to you. By not turning up and not informing them, the examiner is wasting their time and it proves costly.

DO conduct the lesson as you would any other. The examiner is there purely to observe, so don’t change your teaching style trying to impress.

DO bring a pupil along however, remember that the examiner can act as a pupil if you do not have someone available.

DON’T think you have to bring a learner pupil along, you can carry out the check test with a full licence holder.

DON’T forget that the examiner can organise a check test at their discretion and that it is for the purpose of ensuring you still meet the minimum standards.

Good luck!

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