April 20, 2018
Previous Client Reviews

Not sure on whether you should start driving with Britannia Driving School? To help you make your decision we have asked our lovely customers to tell us what they think about our School.

Here are some recent reviews:
“I cannot thank John O and the Britannia Driving School enough, I just passed my practical driving test first time with only five faults! My instructor was incredibly detailed and encouraging throughout my entire learning process and I would 100% recommend him to anyone wishing to learn.” – James Penfold – Wimbledon, London (10th April 2018)

“I have been learning to drive with keeran he is a lovely man I really recommend him he is a very good driving instructor” – Liam Coughlan – Kingston-Upon- Thames (10th April 2018)

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Britannia have knowledgeable instructors and team who will ensure that you have a successful experience and we hope too see you soon.
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Safe driving from Britannia.



April 19, 2018
Good Offers & Gift Vouchers

Can’t find a decent driving school for the money? Come and contact us at Britannia Driving School. If you’re looking for a good deal you’re here, we have a variety of ways you can learn in a way which suites you.

We have an online shop where you can purchase high quality books from either a learner or instructor point of view. As well as Britannia have gift vouchers available, this is a great idea to buy someone who needs support and is an ideal gift.

There is a price list for manual and automatic cars so please have a look and why not buy a friend a lesson. There are no extra charges for evening and weekends.

Safe driving from Britannia.



April 18, 2018
Worried About Being A Non UK Driver?

If you have never driven in Britain before, it is a good idea to take a refresher driving course with us to familiarise yourself with the road systems and traffic signs. Have a look at our lessons and prices.

Subject to certain conditions, you can drive in the UK for 12 months with a valid driving licence issued in another country, and age requirement of 17 years.

Here is a customer’s comment:

“I did not feel confident driving on the left hand side of the road when I first came to the UK from Hungary. Motorway driving and roundabouts were bewildering. I took a course of lessons with Britannia Driving School to gain confidence and experience in a dual-controlled car. The driving went a long way to make my driving in the UK more confident and enjoyable.” Mrs G C Kajel.

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Safe Driving from Britannia.


April 17, 2018
Tips You Need To Know – Eco Driving

Would you consider buying an ‘eco friendly’ vehicle? Eco driving is becoming more and more popular as research in the UK has shown that eco driving can save between 5 and 17 percent of fuel – and also cut emissions.

In a eco friendly car, you keep the CO2 emissions down and positively, with eco driving, you’re not creating unnecessary pollution. A few tips for eco driving:

-Use the air conditioning sparingly.

-When you start the engine, don’t keep it idling to heat up the engine. This wastes fuel and should not be necessary if you drive off gently and smoothly.

-Most effective way of eco driving: consider car-sharing for some journeys.

Britannia Driving Schools instructors are fully trained and experienced in safe eco driving so as us any questions. If you care about the environment and your car you should definitely have a think about changing.

Safe driving from Britannia.



April 16, 2018
Getting Along With Your Driving Instructor

There is nothing worse than not getting along with your driving instructor especially if you’re stressed, trying your hardest and they don’t seem to not be bothered. With Britannia you will have a strong relationship with your instructor as we want whats best for you.

Communication is a key part of your learning process as it can resolve any issues that you have – Speak to your driving instructor, they can help you and spend more time with you. Maybe, you could talk about what you did on the weekend or ask them what music they enjoy just to break the ice.

Maybe having lessons with an instructor monthly isn’t for you – Have a look at our intensive course, where you can pass in only 1 week.

Relax, we’re here to help and want to engage you so that we can help your driving skills and confidence improve further.

Check out our reviews!

Safe driving from Britannia.


April 15, 2018
Let Us Know What You Are Struggling With

The process of learning to drive isn’t always an easy one. Many of us might find it more challenging than others around us, and that’s okay – Don’t be disheartened if you are struggling with a particular manoeuvre, or if you just can’t grasp something on your Theory Test – Talk to us about it.

Let us know what you are struggling with – Speak to your driving instructor, and they can help plan your lessons accordingly to spend more time on the things that are proving more difficult, to help ensure you are ready for your practical test in as little time as possible.

Safe driving from Britannia!


April 14, 2018
Trust Yourself Behind The Wheel

Any driver worth their salt will tell you about the challenges that can present themselves to you when you’re driving – It might be dangerous weather conditions, malfunctioning components on your vehicle, or even something as simple as a pot-hole that can trip you up.

One thing you should never let become an obstacle however, is your confidence. If you have passed your driving test, you clearly have proven yourself worthy of the pink license – Learn to trust yourself when you’re behind the wheel, and your driving skills will likely improve as a result.

Safe driving from Britannia!


April 13, 2018
Take Tips From Experienced Drivers

As a learner driver, you are probably sick of hearing all the advice people are hurling your way lately – Whether it’s tips on how to perform a manoeuvre correctly, what type of car is best to take your driving test in – Even down to what positions to keep your hands on the wheel!

We would suggest just one thing – Listen to it all. Even a driver with the smallest amount of experience more than you will have picked up something along the way, so take it all in, and who knows – That small tip might just come in very useful one day.

Safe driving from Britannia!


April 12, 2018
Don’t Accept Sub-Standard Instructors

We know learning to drive isn’t always the easiest thing in the world to do. Not only is there the challenge of memorising all that information for your Theory Test, plus all the expense of driving lessons, as well as fitting at least one hour of lessons into your life each week. Of course, it can be tempting to cut corners.

One piece of advise we would offer is to never accept a sub-standard driving instructor. You may be lured by super-low prices by a friend or family member to teach you to drive – But always supplement these lessons with training from an official, fully approved driving instructor to get the best out of your lessons.

Safe driving from Britannia!


April 11, 2018
Obstacles In The Road

If you’re an experienced driver, you are likely familiar with the variety of challenges you can be presented with on a daily basis when behind the wheel – Poor weather conditions making roads unsafe, bad driving by other drivers, and even failures with your own vehicle causing you to break down.

One other issue that might crop up from time to time is the matter of obstacles in the road – Fallen trees and branches, litter and debris, or even pot-holes can make driving on those roads a particular hazard – So keep your eyes wide open for any such obstacles.

Safe driving from Britannia!