May 31, 2018

Make sure your tyres are roadworthy

Your tyres are one of, if not the most important part of your vehicle to keep in good nick. They are always in contact with the road, and can be your best friend if treated right. Here are five tips to make sure you get from A to B safely.

Tyre pressure
Your tyre pressure affects your day-to-day driving without most of us realising. Steering, handling, fuel consumption; these are all affected both positively and negatively by the pressure of your tyres. Checking your tyre pressure at least once a month at your local petrol station can make the world of difference, and can prevent blow outs. Your recommended tyre pressures will be listed in your owner’s manual.
Don’t overload the car!
It might sound silly, but try not to overload your car. The extra weight can really but a dampener not only on the performance of your car but also your tyres. More weight means more friction which in turn creates more wear on the treads.
Tyre treads
Speaking of tyre treads, these grooves control how much control, grip and handling that your car has on the road. Over time, these wear down, so make sure that they are road legal! The treads must be 1.6mm deep to pass an MOT, so if you think that you are cutting it fine, go check at your local garage! Stay safe on the road when doing so.
Damage and unusual wear and tear
Try to do a physical check of your tyres before sitting behind the wheel. Look out for any unusual cuts, bulges, scrapes; any of these can indicate damage to the tyre, and can cause punctures and tyre ruptures. If you notice any of these, once again your local mechanic should be the first port of call to check that your tyres are road worthy.
Good driving habits
Here at Britannia Driving School, we try to encourage good driving habits from the very first lesson, however, a quick refresher can’t do any harm. Remember to ease into speeds whether fast or slow, driving as smoothly and consistently as possible. Slow down for speed bumps, and avoid and hazards in the road.Constant stopping and starting can have detrimental effects on the tyres, so be as careful as you can with them.

Hopefully these tips will help improve your tyres’ performance and longevity.
As always, safe driving from Britannia!