March 10, 2017

Have You Got The Right Specs?

There’s no doubt about it, in order for you to be a safe driver you need to be able to see clearly.

Regular check-ups at an opticians is crucial. Many people need to be wearing glasses when they drive. Remember, if you don’t wear glasses when you need to, you are putting yourself and countless others in danger when you drive. This can have catastrophic consequences.

The law states that driver’s must be able to read a clean number plate at 20.5 meters in good daylight. This is not at all difficult and most people should be able to pass this. But you need to be absolutely sure that you do pass.

Another thing we encourage people to purchase is a pair of sunglasses. Driving in the mornings when you have low sun can also affect your vision. Having sunglasses on will help prevent the glare caused by the sun and will give you a clearer view.

If you wear prescription glasses, you can also get prescription sunglasses which you can wear when you drive and will help greatly in these conditions.

You shouldn’t wait for your driving test until you think about the correct eye ware. You should get this sorted when you begin your driving lessons with Britannia. We always recommend seeing an optician regarding this.

Safe driving from Britannia!