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Britannia Driving Schools Walton on Thames-Our Driving Instructors Walton on Thames will give pupils driving lesson in Ashford over the official DSA test routes coming up to their driving test.Listed below is a driving test centre route for Ashford. Driving test routes include the most testing areas to drive in that particular venue. Taking some driving lessons over the test routes will offer tips and help on which locations of the test routes are the most testing.

DSA Driving Test Route Recommended by Our Driving Instructors in Walton on Thames

  • Start at Ashford Driving Test Centre
  • So you are positioned on Fordbridge Road and want to continue ahead until you approach the traffic lights. Turn left here onto Church Road.
  • You will stay on Church Road until you pass the railway track, then take the second left onto Station Crescent
  • Now on Station Crescent, take the third right onto Salcombe Road
  • On Salcombe Road, you need to turn left onto Ashford Crescent
  • At the end of the road, turn right into Kenilworth Road
  • Again you want to travel all the way to the end of the road and turn left
  • You are now on Stanwell Road (which used to be Church Road, it’s a long road)
  • At the traffic lights (as long as they are green) you want to turn right and you will find yourself on London Road
  • You will continue along London Road for a while, keeping an eye out for the third left called Short Lane
  • At the end of Short Lane you want to continue onto Long Lane (I’ve not measured the road however)
  • Take the third right onto Holywell Way
  • You won’t be on this road long at all, taking a left onto Longford Avenue
  • Taking the 2nd left, this will bring you out on Explorer Avenue (I bet you feel like an explorer at this point)
  • Now taking the 2nd right continue along Hadrian Walk
  • At the end of the road, you will find a mini roundabout (contrary to popular belief, you still need to go around mini roundabouts, not across them) turn left here
  • You are now positioned on Clare Road, at the end of Clare Road (If your name is not Clare, you can still drive down here) turn right and find yourself on Town Lane
  • You are approaching another mini roundabout, at the end of this road (the same rules apply) you need to take a left onto Park Road
  • You will stay on this road until the end and at the traffic lights indicate left onto Stanwell Moor Road
  • Now for the scary bit, you need to go straight ahead at the roundabout onto Staines By Pass
  • You will have time to compose yourself, as you stay on here for a while until you reach a roundabout known as Fordbridge Roundabout
  • Turn left, back onto Fordbridge Road and head straight over the mini roundabout back to the test centre
  • Now breathe!
map Nearest Driving Test Centre to Walton (KT12)
Ashford Driving Test Centre Middlesex
18/19 Fir Tree Place
Church Road
Middlesex TW15 2PH

Pass Rate:



Test Centre details

: Located on the first floor, access by stairs only, special arrangements can be made for candidates with mobility impairment.
No Parking facilities, park as close to the test centre as legally permitted.
Male and female toilets availableTheBritannia Driving Schools network includes Driving Schools Walton on Thames (KT12) with both Automatic and Manual driving lessons and intensive driving courses. Areas covered include:

Walton on Thames, Rydens, Hazelwood, Hersham, Weybridge, Shepperton, Sunbury on Thames and Molesey

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