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Britannia Driving School New Malden – Manual and Automatic Dual Controlled Cars

Area covered by Britannia Driving School in New Malden: Beverly, Coombe Hill, Coombe Side, Coombe Vale, Coombe, St James and Old Malden.Britannia Driving School Hampton Testimonial:“I found Britannia Driving School on the web, I was impressed by their website. When I phoned them, their staff were helpful and friendly. I was given Tony as my instructor. Tony was prompt and within a few minutes of being in the driving seat, he made feel right at home and relaxed. I would like to give my many thanks to Tony and Britannia for the excellent service they have provided. I passed my driving test and believe that Tony played a vital role in my success.”

Miss J Kahn – New Malden, Surrey

Tips on dealing with pedestrian crossings by Britannia Driving School New Malden

Things you must do:

– React early to traffic light signals at controlled crossings

– At zebra crossings, slow down and stop if somebody is waiting to cross

– Use the M S M routine

– At pelican, puffin and toucan crossing stop if the light are red

– Give way to pedestrians on a pelican crossing when the amber lights are flashing

– Give way to cyclists on a toucan crossing

Some Don’ts

– Don’t approach a crossing too fast

– Don’t drive over a crossing when there are pedestrians waiting to cross

– Don’t stop on a crossing

– Don’t sound the horn to hurry people along

– Don’t overtake within the zig-zag lines

– Don’t wave pedestrians across a crossing

Areas Used to Practice Manoeuvres by Our Driving Instructor in New Malden

Britannia’s DVSA (Driver and Vehicles Standards Agency) licensed instructors will teach learner drivers to develop skills progressively using several practice areas in New Malden.

Moving off Stopping: High Drive off Coombe Lane West is a perfect to practice Moving Off, Stopping/Mirror use by the L – driver.

Turn in the Road: The turn in the road can be practised in Woodland Ave of Crown Road

Reversing around corners: Where Buxton Road meets Darley Drive is a suitable corner to practice left hand reverse and where Buxton Road meets Cromford Way is a good corner for the right-hand reverse.

Reverse Park: A convenient place to practice reverse park is from Buxton Road into Darley Drive

Bay Parking: New Malden Centre car park, off Blagdon Road is a good place to practice bay parking at quiet times.

Emergency Stop: A good place to practice the Emergency Stop is Darley Drive heading towards Clarence Avenue.

New Malden Driving Test CentreMost Favoured Driving Test Centre by our New Malden Driving Instructors
Tolworth Driving Test Centre
Douglas House 1b Douglas Road

Pass Rate

At Britannia Driving School, New Malden you’re driving licence is our success. Learn fast and safely with our 6 day intensive driving course on a manual or automatic car. We can also arrange quick practical driving test dates.

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