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Britannia Driving Schools Stockwell-Our Male and Female Driving Instructors Stockwell will give pupils driving lesson in Hither Green over the official DSA test routes coming up to their driving test.

Listed below is a driving test centre route. Driving test routes include the most testing areas to drive in that particular venue. Taking some driving lessons over the test routes will offer tips and help on which locations of the test routes are the most testing.

DSA Driving Test Route Recommended by Our Driving Instructors in Stockwell

  • You’re at Hither Green Driving Test centre which is located on Ennersdale Road.
  • Drive along Ennersdale Road and at the end of the road take a right turn to Leahurst Road.
  • Proceed down Leahurst Road and at the end of the road take a left turn to Manor Lane.
  • Go along Manor Lane and then take a right turn.
  • You should be on Handen Road now, at the end of the road take a left turn to Burnt Ash Road.
  • You will see traffic lights as you drive along Burnt Ash Road, when the lights turn green take a right turn.
  • You will be on the Eltham Road now. Take a right turn at the traffic lights to Sidcup Road A20
  • This is a tricky road so be careful. At the roundabout take the first left which should also be the first exit.
  • Drives along Westhorne Avenue A205 and at the roundabout take a right, which is the third exit. Don’t go over the roundabout, around it.
  • You should be on Eltham Hill now, at the traffic lights on this road take a right turn
  • Drive along Court Road and at the mini roundabout go ahead and then at the traffic lights go right. This time you can over the mini roundabout if you wish.
  • Back on the all busy Sidcup Road A20, if you’ve survived up to this stage, hold on your nearly there. Drive along this road carefully and approx half a mile past the speed camera take a left to Mottingham Lane.
  • Proceed down this road and then take a right turn.
  • Drive along Guibal Road and at the end of the right take a right turn.
  • Your nearly there, Go along Guibal Road and at the end of the road take a right turn to Senlac Road.
  • Drive down this road and at the end of the road take a right turn to Burnt Ash Hill.
  • You’ve already previously been on this road so it would be familiar; just keep your eyes on the road though. At the traffic light go ahead and then take a left turn to Southbrook Road.
  • You will come across crossroad, go ahead and your back on Leahurst Road, but on the other side of the road. Your nearly there.
  • Drives down Leahurst Road and at the end of the road take a left onto Ennersdale Road. You will be at the Driving Test centre now. You can breathe now.
map Nearest Driving Test Centre to Stockwell (SW9& SW4) Hither Green Driving Test Centre
42-44 Ennersdale Road
Hither Green
London SE13 6JD

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Driving Test Centre Details : Driving test centre is on one level without stairs.
Ample parking on site
Toilets: Male and Female

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